Saturday, November 04, 2006

Obsessive collecting

I am moving along quite nicely on my Dear Jane quilt right now. The weather has turn very rainy and windy here - perfect for having a nice fire and watching TV and quilting. We started on the "Boston Legal" first season last night. And the wind came up this morning - the driveway now looks like the "before" picture again!!

This morning I ordered some things from the Dear Jane website. When I started the quilt I ordered the book and CD and freezer paper for the computer from the website. It came quite quickly - I noticed a few weeks after getting the stuff that Brenda Papadakis had autographed my book for me -- how cool is that!! Now there is a line of fabric that is offered on the website for a Susanna Culp quilt. The fabrics look just wonderful - as I am a big collector of Paisley fabrics. I also order some more freezer paper for the computer. That paper is just marvelous, I just print off two outline blocks on each page - no tracing by hand needed. I think that has helped with the making of this quilt. I am sewing the blocks together by hand.

I started my Dear Jane quilt back sometime in March. I ordered the book and CD February 26, 2006. I had just started blogging in January and looking around various quilting blogs and came upon Cathy in Ireland
and her Dear Jane quilt. I decided it was such a wonderful quilt and I watched with interest and excitement each time she posted an update and picture. She was well into the quilt by the time I started watching. I found I became a bit obsessed with the quilt. So, I ordered the book and CD and started my own. The obsession continues........

Then the other day I realized that I can get obsessed with other things as well. I have been making Christmas stocking -- so far I have made 5, one for Eric, Andrew, Jim, Jessica and Ben. I still need to make one for Anri and I should make one for myself. I have been collecting piping to sew around the stockings -- I buy piping everytime I go to a fabric store if I see it on sale. Fabricland had a great 50% off sale this weekend so I bought a bit more -- because there were some colours there that I didn't have and I might need. When I came home I thought I should see what I had already in the way of piping.

This my collection of piping -- to make two more Christmas stockings.

A bit obsessive I think.

Then Andrew asked last night if I could make him and Anri a pair of fleece jogging pants to wear under their snowboarding pants. I said sure -- and Fabricland is having a sale this weekend. Then I remember that about 10 years ago I had bought some fleece to make slippers for Christmas presents. I had made about 5 pairs of slippers but I knew I had purchased extra fleece -- a great giant container of fleece. So I dug out the fleece.

This is my collection of fleece -- to make 5 pair of slippers. Obessive?

I think I can whip up a couple of pair of fleece joggers!!


  1. More fabric is always better than less fabric. What if you got snowed in??? Large fabric stashes ar a must!

  2. I have sewed so many fleece joggers that I couldn't begin to say how many. THey sew up so fast and are well-loved by the recipients. I made a lot of bell bottom ones for the girls. They are stylish as well as warm.

  3. Pam, what beautiful DJ blocks! And I love your collection of Port Meirion as well, lovely things and beautiful flowers...
    Thank you for popping by at my blog, it was nice to read your comment :o)

  4. I am just like you - when I start to do something I go mad and buy every time. Now I have a collection of teddy bear fabric and I have only made one bear! And some fabtic ranges I have enough fabric to make four quilts I think...