Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November Anniversary

It was our anniversary last Sunday and I got some lovely roses to go in my Port Meirion Vase (that I bought for myself last June at Costco). We went out to a restaurant for dinner on Saturday night. It was downtown Vancouver, we had never been there before and I had the best rack of lamb I have ever had -- ever. It was so tender and good. And I usually order rack of lamb when we go out for dinner.

I have been busy working these past few days and when work those long 12 hour shifts I spend very little time doing anything else. I was able to finish one more Dear Jane block but that was about it. I am now preparing myself to work a night shift tonight, takes a lot of "self talk" to get me ready!

I was trying to put a small photo up on my profile -- boy what a production. It seems to be there now - but not really where I want it. But none the less I am getting better at this HTML and pixel size etc.

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Behind the roses there is a wall hanging on a brick wall - which is the back side of the fireplace and the wall of the dining room. This wall hanging is supposed to be replaced by the wall hanging above - as soon as I finish quilting it and put on the binding. I really only have the border to finish quilting - Jim finds it very interesting that I am so close and have completely stopped working on it. He mentions this every so often - as he would really like this quilt up on the wall. It would look quite good on the brick I think. I have no idea where I will put the other wall hanging once it has been displaced. Maybe that's why I have stopped work on this one. I really like this wall hanging as well. This is from a workshop I took from M'Liss Rae Hawley in October 2001 at our Fall Seminar. Maybe I will finish quilting it at my TGIF quilting group. It really would be nice to get it up on the wall.


  1. Ha ha! I have thought that on several occasions myself. "I am so close, why can't I finish it!!!!" :) Good luck, that is a beautiful quilt and will look good on the brick wall.

  2. Happy anniversary! I love the quilt you are finishing to hang on the brick wall.

  3. Anonymous6:20 am

    I am slowly making my way around the Quilting4Pleasure ring. Nice wallhanging! The lighthouse, water and sailboat make it really appropriate for your location. Did I ever answer your question on beta blogger? I like it except when I comment on non-beta blogs. Then I come in as anonymous. I have started putting my email at the bottom of the comments. /paula the_quilter at yahoo dot com

  4. I love the pinetrees on that quilt. It will be finished when it is ready to be finished.