Sunday, November 19, 2006

Terrible Storm

I am just able to briefly check in today. We have had a terrible storm here in Vancouver and the power has been off to our entire community since Wednesday. Trees and powerlines are down everywhere. We have had a little generator running the freezer and a couple of lights and a small fan for the fireplace. The whole thing is starting to get quite tiring and we are supposed to get power back today, but another storm is happening right now - so it is hard to know if the power workers will be able to get things back up today. I have been able to get a brief bit of computer use this morning.

I did get to go to my retreat - but I didn't work on my planned Japanese project because I had not managed to gather it all together in the dark of my sewing room. It has been very dark here, and cold, and no hot water.

Hopefully the power does come back today and I can catch up on all my blogging -- funny how you miss it.


  1. What a terribly long time to be without power! Lucky you were able to keep your fridge running. It's amazing how much you miss your computer, isn't it? We had a short power blackout the other day, and I smuggly thought "I can use my laptop", but then quickly realised that the modem and the router need power...

  2. I hope you get your power back soon!

  3. Hi Pam, I've been keeping up to date with the news on the horrible storms you've been having. We have friends on Vancouver Island and I wish they'd contact us!

    I'd like to make a change to my Blog to make it look more like yours - really all I need to do is to remove the side margins. Could you please share with me how you did it? I'm sure I need to fiddle with the HTML code, but that's about all I know. My e-mail is on my Profile if you'd care to reply that way.

    Keep dry.
    Doodlebug Gail

  4. Hopefully your power comes back on soon! I could actually sew on the treadle machine if it weren't in the dark, dark basement.