Saturday, November 11, 2006

River of Dreams

I have been working on my "River of Dreams" wall hanging today. I'm not sure why I decided I needed to work on it - the darn thing has been sitting around for years now. I took a workshop at one of our Fall seminars - (I think it was 1999 or 1997). It was an interesting workshop by Lorraine Torrence, but when I started to need to put on the bias strips to cover the raw edges I completely stalled. I hate cutting up perfectly good fabric to make bias strips -- just hate it. So I just stopped. But a few weeks ago Fabricland had all their notions etc on 50% off - so I bought a bunch of different colours of 1/4" bias binding, thinking I could use it on this quilt. The gold "ribbon" also had me stumped as how I was going to finish off those raw edges.

The entire quilt is an outline drawn out on a piece of foundation fabric and then pieces of fabric cut out and zigzagged in place on top of the foundation fabric. So all the edged of the fabric are unfinished and need to be covered to finish them off. I decided to use some gold rickrack (from my Christmas stocking supply) to finish off the gold ribbon -- I kind of like it. It seems to be turning out better than I was hoping. I am thinking I am feeling a bit more motivated to finish it. I call it "River of Dreams" because it sort of looks like a river is running through it and also I started it right around the time Jim and I went to the Billy Joel "River of Dreams" concert in Vancouver.

Speaking of rivers - what a river of rain we have had the last few days. Thursday night we had a terrible wind storm and woke up to no power. The power was out here on Friday for almost 16 hours. Good thing we have a fireplace downstairs with a heat-o-later (although with no power we couldn't turn on the fan) I had to bring the birds downstairs in their cage and put them close to the fire. It got quite cool upstairs -- as low as 13 degrees ( sorry - don't know what that is in Fahrenheit).

And so of course the driveway was back to a big mess again. Lots of fir branches down all over the driveway and roads. Still too wet to clean it and the weather forecast is for another system of high winds and heavy rains tonight. Fortunately Jim brought home a generator yesterday so if the power goes out tonight we will at least have a bit of light and we can run the fan on the fireplace to heat the house a bit better.

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