Friday, December 08, 2006

A baby quilt started

I bought this quilt kit at my last guild meeting (although I changed the colour of the nine patch from white and green to gold and green). I thought if the nine patches were white and green there would be too much white. The bunny fabric is quite cute.

Someone was selling all the kit for $10.00 - including the backing and binding. I have a neighbour who is expecting her first baby next May so I decided I would make a baby quilt for the baby. I started sewing it on the new featherweight -- which is working quite well - except after a few rows when I was disconnecting the plug from the wall the plug end came away from the cord - I was planning to take it in for a tune up anyway so I guess it will be sooner rather than later. I really like the little machine. The inside of the case has a bit of a musty odor - which is getting better as it is sitting in the garage airing out - if anyone has odor removal suggestions. But the machine is fine and at first had a bit of a musty smell but it went away quite nicely with a bit of a cleaning and I shined it up with a bit of lemon oil as well.

Still with this post the picture is showing up as a bunch of code when I am creating the post - I find this a little disturbing - I can not see the picture at all until I Preview or Post - I wonder if this is happening to everyone or just to me.

Also I had been having trouble with my Quilting 4 Pleasure blog ring icon as well - unbeknownst to me of course, so I have been off and on the ring for the past few days. And my new little icon seems to be working but it is different, not the same little quilt patch. And also unbeknownst (apparently that is not a word) my email setting had changed when I switched over to Beta. Of course I was looking under the wrong spot to change it and thought it was there but it has to be changed under "Profile" not the other setting. Ahhh the frustations of technology. But it is amazing how much more about computers and codes and such I know now that I started this blog.

I also heard about an interesting blog the other day on CBC radio. It is by a 93 year old fellow. Don to Earth He is from Canada - doesn't own a computer but posts his blog on a regular basis from an internet cafe. He lives in Toronto and there has a little entry about him in Wikipedia

So I guess if Don can do it - I must get over my little frustrations with the beta blogger.


  1. sorry to hear that you are having problems with blogger - it would even try my patience (and did) that is why I switched to wordpress early on.

    I did send you amended code with the picture (that was my mistake) if you need it again, email me.

  2. My pictures usually show up as code unless I hit preview. Maybe that's because I haven't switched to Beta yet. My dad is 92 and no way he would touch a computer! His blog would be really interesting if he would though.

  3. Hi,

    I like your deal of a quilt...are those rabbits on it...very is like the one I just made...hope your blogger problems clear up....stay warm up there...Toni

  4. You got a great deal getting that quilt kit for $10.00!! Great job!

  5. Cute little bunny fabric!

  6. put some scrunched up newspaper or some charcoal in your FW case...close the lid and let it sit for several days to a week...that should draw out the musty smell...if not wait for summer and put it out in the sunshine (opened of course) while the sun is at it hottest. Hope that helps!