Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We are back and tired

What a busy weekend it was in Calgary. 17 people all together in three hotel rooms - trooping through the streets of Calgary (the trooping was through the Plus 15's actually) to go for meals and such. The younger generation were up late each night - swimming in the pool and playing various games. I think a great time was had by all but it was very tiring!!

I got this package of Dear Jane stuff just before we left for Calgary. I wanted to get a couple of more packages of the freezer paper for the printer - it is great to have for the Dear Jane quilt as well as it could be used for lots of other things. One day I would like to do some of the Linda Franz diamonds as well.

I of course thought if I was going to be ordering a couple of packages of freezer paper I should make it worth while and get a few more items. There is now some fabric that can be ordered from the website - so I got a fat quarter selection and then I thought I needed a Dear Jane bag for carrying all my Dear Jane stuff -- Of course I'm right on that one.

It seems so strange to be away from quilting and blogging for so long - we got back late on Sunday and then off to work both Monday and Tuesday. I was very tired on Monday. I am working a night shift tonight and we are supposed to be getting the new sofa today. I think this year all in all enough money has been spent -- time to get back to frugal spending now. I think I should be going on a fabric diet!!

The blogger seems to be having a few picture issues this morning. I have added a picture that is just showing up as text in the post box but it seems when I go to the Preview post it does show up as a picture - kind of strange and a little difficult to type around. I still am not happy 100% with the way the new blogger works. I sure hope they fix the issues soon. It is much more work to post and comment on posts then it was with the old blogger. Maybe I should send them an email.


  1. Nice Dear Jane stuff you got there. Have to answer your guestion on my blog here because you came up as no reply. The heart I have made is applique with vlisofix and on this I used my appliue stitches on my Janome. Will make more of these hearts this weekend.

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  3. Your adventure sounded like a lot of fun!! Your Dear Jane "stuff" looks great. Glad you had a good time!

  4. I'd like all of those fabrics please! Beautiful. Are they from a particular fabric range? Love the Dear Jane stuff too - very cool. I also had a look at the Quilted Diamonds and Inklingo stuff - isnt there so much stuff out there? Have you tried the freezer paper and fabric through the printer method Pam?

  5. Yummy fabrics - that'll make a gorgeous Dear Jane. Glad you had a good time in Calgary - it must be nice to get away like that with quilty friends.