Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Chair

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This is a bit of a test post. I was able to post this picture from Picasa by shutting off the backlinks as recommended by Blog help. Still can't see the darn thing though. I am not sure what it means to have the backlinks turned off, but that was what was suggested to do. Can you tell I am a bit obsessive about this!!

This is a picture of the new chair - so nice a comfortable. Sofa picture to follow. This is our Christmas present this year. I must get back to quilting!! I have a Christmas stocking to make yet and it is the 9th of December.


  1. I can see the pictures you are posting just fine. Thanks for the tip about Picasa--I have not been able to use Picasa to post pictures since upgrading to Beta either. The chair looks great! I also have a Christmas stocking to make before Christmas! We must be on the same wavelength!

  2. Your new chair looks like you could sit in it for days without getting uncomfortable! VERY nice :-)

  3. Your chair is just Wonderful....... I will look forward to seeing the sofa................