Saturday, December 23, 2006

Skating Party

Jim's office had their office only party this past week and it was decided they would all go up Grouse Mountain and go snow shoeing and skating -- I think Jim felt a little to "old" for snow shoeing so he did a little skating and then they had lunch up at the restuarant on top of the mountain.
Someone to a couple of pictures of him skating and he emailed them to me a couple of days ago.
He went to the doctor and Friday and found out that he will have to have the Rotator cuff surgery. It has been booked for either January 17th or January 30th.
This stupid blogger is now centering all the text I am writing -- which is a bit of a pain.
I am almost all ready for Christmas, just a few gifts to wrap and still have to put the lining in Anri's stocking -- guess what I will be doing on Christmas eve! We have Pickled Salmon to put in jars and some salmon to put in the smoker tomorrow. We like to give away jars of pickled salmon (that is our version of baking).
The boys will be coming over to spend the night on Christmas eve and then we will be going for a family dinner at Jim's brother's and his wife's house. Which is always nice, we have done that for the past few years. I do miss the turkey leftovers, we will quite often cook a turkey New Years Day just so we can have the leftover -- there is Turkey Pizza, Turkey Tacos, Turkey stew, Turkey SURPRISE and then finish it off with Turkey soup. There is no end of what can be done with a 20 lb Turkey.

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