Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Tree is up now

We put the Christmas tree up Sunday night - finally. I have been working the past two days, now a night shift tonight and then I am off until January 1st 2007. I think I need the break, I am very, very tired of work these past two days.

I think we got a very nice tree from the Boy Scouts this year. We usually like to get a wild tree ( not cultured) but this year there were none left except for a few "Charlie Brown" trees. (My mum always liked the Charlie Brown trees) So we got this tree which is shaped a bit but really looks more natural than cultured. I think it is a very pretty tree. There hanging on the door behind the tree is Andrew's Christmas stocking from years ago - one he had to colour with fabric crayons. I am still not finished that last stocking - I have until Sunday night - right!!

One year - about 7-8 years ago I made a bunch of these little Santa ornaments. Very cute and easy to make and I kept one for myself. There is a little bell hanging from the end of his hat - so he jingles a little bit.

This is our tree angel. Andrew made this angel in about Grade 3 I think. It has been on the tree every year since. Sometimes when we take it out of storage it needs a little repair - this year I used a glue gun on it so it should be better. I just love this little angel - it is one of the things that remind me what Christmas is really all about -- love, family, peace and hope.

God Bless and Merry Christmas.


  1. Love your little santa ornament - cute :)

  2. That little santa ornament is just priceless. I'll have to make a copy of the picture so I can make him some day. Cute!

  3. I like your tree and that santa ornament...your angel is priceless...Merry Christmas..I am off until the 1st also and feel so free..Toni

  4. I must try to make some of those Santa ornaments for my tree.

    Everything is looking so inviting.

  5. hi pam,
    thank you for popping by at my blog, it is always nice to find a new comment...
    your christmas tree is beautiful and the little angle just adorable, i can uderstand you treasure him...
    i enjoyed watching your quilty photos, everything is so lovely...
    have a wonderful christmas