Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My version of the Scissor case

I just had to make one of the scissor cases that May Britt had shown us on her blog. I could see the basic premise of the case and the shape - so I began to play around a bit. This was my first attempt. I just could not get the top part even and the shape correct. So with a little assistance from May Britt I tried again.

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This one is a little closer to the original. I did not make the little notch top in it because I was having a difficult time with the top as it was -- the trick I discovered is the piece of fabric is not a rectangle but a parallelogram. I think I will try to make another for my sewing bag. This one I will leave hanging on a little nail in my sewing room to hold the scissor in plain view - as I always seem to be looking for one pair or another.

I have been busy this week. I took Jim off to see the Orthopedic surgeon on Monday and he is healing up well. He started back to work this week, he will be taking the bus since it will still be a couple of weeks before he can drive.

Andrew and his girlfriend are moving into an apartment tomorrow. He is coming tomorrow to get his stuff from his room. This means that his room
will be coming available. I am not sure whether I will end up moving my quilting room into there because there is quite thick carpet on the floor. I am not sure exactly what we are going to do with the extra space. He came by on Sunday and looked over the items he was going to be taking and I said I would take the pictures and poetry off the wall for him. It's been hard to go in there and take everything down. Although he hasn't really lived here for over a year there was still a little bit of him here because of his room. I did take a few pictures of his room awhile ago, knowing that when he finally did leave it would not be the same. His walls were covered with black and white pictures, lot taken in photo classes by him and also a lot of "teenage angst poetry" LOL - mostly song lyrics and such. He wants to be a rock star. Anyway --- as I ramble, it is done and the pictures are down and this weekend we will have 300 sq. feet more in which to spread out in.


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  2. The scissors case seems like a great way to make sure you can find the scissors. I think I might need to make one for the paper scissors. That way they are easier to find than my cloth ones.

  3. Hi Pam,
    It's hard when they move on. I moved my sewing into my daughter's room when she left, but I still haven't removed all the posters and "stuff" that she left here.

  4. Love the scissors holders - either one looks great to me!

    How did Jim enjoy going back to work?

    Is Andrew enjoying being on his own? Are you? =)