Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another dog story

I have been working these past two day and I have another sad dog tale to tell.

But first a little history. I discovered my love for quilting when I signed up for a sampler quilt class in 1993. I was very new to quilting I had not realized that one could actually have two or three (or 20) quilting projects on the go at the same time. So for about 18 months I puttered away at hand piecing my sampler quilt, using templates -because that is how I was taught to do it. And I was incredibly slow.

One day my husband wondered if I would actually ever finish the quilt - and he thought it would be nice to have some sort of finished item that I had quilted and requested some cushions for his birthday - December 1 - and I think it was 1995. So, I made him two cushions for his birthday - my very first completed quilting project. Machine pieced and my very first try at hand quilting. They have been happily sitting in the two blue armchairs in our living room ever since.

Until ---- JENNY!!

That gosh darn dog. I tell her over and over she is darn lucky she is cute!
I really don't think this is fixable. I suppose I could put a new back on them but they are 12 years old now. The front is not as badly chewed but is is damaged as well.

We have a small pile of toys that we leave for her while we are gone out - and I only work a couple days here and there and often on the weekend. And she doesn't chew up things everytime we go - just once in awhile. She has chewed a book that I haven't read yet. Jim has even brought her in a little piece of wood to chew on - which she does!

Jenny now has a house full of tennis balls to play with as well. There is a house below us that has a tennis court and the owners are putting their used tennis balls in the bushes across the street from their house. Twice a day she goes for a walk along the road and goes into the bushes and comes out with a tennis ball -- she then carries the ball all the way along the rest of the walk and back home!! Today there were 14 tennis balls in the house and three outside in the yard. So Jim took a small bunch of them down to the neighbours at the end of the street for their dogs. So - she really doesn't need to be chewing on my quilted cushions!

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  1. She's just telling you she loves you Pam by getting right up close and personal to something that 'you' love. It is annoying though when they chew.

  2. Oh thats a shame!!! but she is real cute and does she give u "the look"??, u know the one, that "im sorry" look lol

  3. yah for tennis balls! :D lol I think Jenny wants her own pillow cushion made by you! :D

  4. UUUGGGHHH! Carly was caught just starting to chew on my quilt. I freaked!! Now she is penned in the back hallway when I am not there. I am hoping that she outgrows this...she is 5 months old. How old is Jenny??

  5. How awful! Is there enough left of your pillows/cushions to make a stuffed bear? This would preserve the memory of your precious pillows.

  6. Awww. Now you are going to have to make new pillows for your DH.

  7. The pillow part isnt funny. But the about 20 tennis balls is! LOL I think she is the queenie doggie for sure.

  8. Sorry about the pillow. But Jenny looks like such a sweet doggie.