Saturday, August 25, 2007

Eight things about me

I was tagged by Quilting Pirate to list 8 things about myself. I am supposed to link to her and then list the rules -- which are list the eight things - tag other people and then link to their site. Okay --- here goes!

1. I got married very young -- at 18. Jessica was born when I was 20, Eric was born when I was 22 and Andrew was a bit of a late comer and was born when I was 28. That is very young by today's standards.

2. My first husband died when I was 31. He was 33.

3. I always wanted to be a Research Scientist -- so I became a nurse at 33.

4. No one in my family quilts -- not my mum, sisters, grandparents - aunts -- distant cousins -- no one! I took up quilting after 3 years of nursing school because I needed a hobby.

5. I married Jim in 1994 -- I was 36 and he was 38. He had never been married before. He is a pretty great guy.

6. I am the oldest and I have 2 sisters, one works in the Foothills hospital in Calgary and the youngest is a Mechanical Engineer in Africa.

7. I moved to Vancouver when I was halfway through nursing school and the kids lived at my parents while I was away. I love living here. Vancouver is such a beautiful city. I brought the kids here to live when I was finished school. I met Jim here when I was in school.

8. I never had pets as a child but since having children and moving to Vancouver we have had a houseful of various pets -- thanks mostly to Jessica. A gerbil named Louis, a gerbil name Charlie Roy. A white rat named Yo Him Bay??? -- that was short lived, even Jessica had a hard time putting up with him. Three birds - cockatiels, Zoe, Uno and Abby and two dogs - Tasha and now Jenny!! And a wild pheasant named Phineaus that came to our yard every day for 2 years for cracked corn.

I will tag Rose Marie from Applique n' Patch -- Floss Quilts and Belvie from A Quilters Empty Nest


  1. I always find those types of post interesting. Wow, you were a widow left with very young children. I tip my hat to you. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Gosh, I learned so many new things about you! How sad that your first husband died so young, but life goes on and you found another good guy, so I guess that worked out, though at the time, you must have been devastated. Thanks for sharing these pesonal things.

    There are lots of hobbies out there. What made you choose quilting, when no one in your family does it?

  3. So interesting to learn more about you. I'm so impressed you went back to school, and made a new life after your first husband died.

    I'm the only quilter in my family, too.

  4. Ciao,
    I think that you are very strong if you have had the courage to write all these things about your live.

    ciao ciao

  5. I was just catching up on your blog and see that you tag me. I hope I can be as honest and open as your where.

  6. It's nice to know a little more about you, Pam. I'm truly sorry that you were such a young widow and lost the father of your children. It's nice to know that you will grow old with a wonderful man, Jim.

  7. ...fascinating... you've led quite a life! I cannot even imagine calling a wild pheasant a PET! Interesting post, I'm a first generation quilter, too!

  8. I find we have a lot in common, Pam, although I'm several years older than you. I also married the first time at 18, had a child at 20 and one at 22. (Didn't have a third) I was married the second time in 1994 as well. How 'bout that?

  9. P.S. Oh, and I also have two sisters. I'm the middle. What are you? --Susan