Tuesday, August 07, 2007

UFO Baby Quilt

This is a picture of Tasha on the quilt that I made for her. This picture was taken in 2004. We got Tasha in 1996, she was 2 1/2 years old when we adopted her. I think I made this quilt in about 1999 or so. I can't remember the years are starting to run together now - LOL!!

I had started a quilt for Jessica, but Jim felt that Tasha really needed her own quilt. I felt that I really should make each of the kids their own quilt before I made one for the dog. Jim - would say - dogs have a lot shorter life and she can't wait for you to finish quilts for all the kids first - and he was right. I finished Jessica's quilt and then made one for Tasha. I have since made a quilt for Andrew and Eric is still waiting for his quilt to be finished!! Tasha enjoyed her quilt until she died in 2005. Now Jenny is enjoying the quilt.

Right around the time I finished Tasha's quilt I decided to make another flannel quilt of the same pattern. A very easy quick, utilitarian quilt. This one has hockey players on it. Tasha's quilt had ducks.

I have decide this quilt will be the first UFO I finish. I had completely forgotten all about it - so much so that it isn't even included in my list of UFO's. (I also discovered I didn't include Eric's flimsy either - I feel like such a bad mum)

I was thinking of giving it to my nephew for his new baby boy. It is flannel with hockey players on the front and the back is blue and has baseball players. I have completed the machine quilting and now it just needs the binding.

It is not a designer quilt that you would decorate a room around but it is a comfy flannel quilt with a thick poly batting that you can wash a hundred times and throw on the floor or cuddle up with. I am just wondering about giving a baby a quilt that is designed after a quilt I made for the dog. What do you think? What if they come to visit and see that the dog has the same quilt? But it is a cute quilt - and they don't come here very often. They are different, Tasha's is red and black and has ducks..........Ahh well - anyway, I will put the binding on so I can cross this one on the list - although since it wasn't on the list I will have to add it on first!!

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  1. Comfy quilts are the best kind! Did you put Tasha/Jenny's quilt around a pillow? Or is it folded up?

    Congrats on working on your UFO. I think there are no worries about giving a baby the quilt. It's adorable!

  2. Don't be silly! That will be the perfect quilt for a baby boy and I am sure even if they saw that Tasha/Jenny's quilt was the same pattern, they would not take offense. Good job finishing up that UFO!

  3. I think it is a great quilt, and you should give it to them. Besides, they don't have to know which one is first.

  4. You're right it is a cute quilt and ideal ror a baby to snuggle under and probably love to death ! The fabrics are different so no problem !

  5. Pam.
    it is a great boy quilt- you can never have too many quilts - especially ones with hockey players on them:) I bet that it will be the quilt that the baby packs around 'til there is nothing left of it.
    Good for you for finishing the quilt!
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  6. Don't worry they probably won't even notice because the fabrics are different. The baby quilt will be loved and cuddled. Congrats on getting the UFO's out to finish.

  7. Both quilts are terrific! The baby is sure to love his quilt as much as Tasha loves hers!

  8. I love this quilt! Very beautiful, Pam ;))))

  9. What a great story. A good reminder that sometimes our husband's give us good advice! I love the one you are finishing now. That does look like fun! Who cares if you made the same design for the dog? Isn't he man's best friend, and isn't this for a man-in-training? =)

  10. I think this quilt is perfect for a baby! My son is 4 and he loves all his flannel/fleece quilts! Anything soft!!! And - if they ever notice the similarities between the 2 quilts - just tell them you love the pattern so much! I often make the same pattern more than 1X.