Thursday, August 23, 2007


This is a post for Bren regarding bookshelves. We are big on books in this house and we have 5 different bookshelves. They each have their assigned books. Both Jim and I are collectors of books. Jim has an interest in WW2. His father was a pilot in Bomber Command. So Jim has many books about WW2. I am a big history buff and have quite a few history books. I love autobiographies and those trashy "who done it" novels.

Bookshelf #1 -- Quilting books, magazine and patterns. Pam's books. This bookshelf is in a very tiny room and was difficult to photograph, so I missed the top two shelves.

Bookshelf #2. Mostly Bird and Nature books, some WW2 books. Jim's books. The poster was done by a young niece that receive a first place in the Canadian Legion Remembrance Day Poster competition.

Bookshelf #3. Jim's books. Lots of fisheries books -- did I mention Jim was a Salmon Biologist so there are also a bunch of fish books around. I think he also has a few very old encyclopedias type books in here as well. I don't really pay attention to what he has for books as I'm sure he has no idea what I have for books.

Bookshelf #4. Mostly Pam's books. Novels, history, and travel books, some maps as well. There are a few of Jim's books mixed in here on the lower shelves, beer making books and a few old biology text books.

Bookshelf #5. Jim's books. These are mostly Jim's WW2 books. A bit of a bonus --- If you click on the picture you can see our wedding picture.

All of these bookshelves are in the lower level of the house, mostly in or just outside the TV room. My quilting room and computer room is also in the lower level. Anyway --- there you are Bren, my bookshelves. I do have one box of books in the storage room that I am saving for the grandchildren.


  1. Nice to see your books.
    ciao ciao

  2. Books just multiply dont they??? lol We have them all over the house, some in bookcases, some in cupboards and the rest in boxes!!!

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one with books at various places throughout my house. I see a couple in that second picture that sound really interesting to me...Hummingbirds of North America..and Wildflowers of British Columbia. I love the little hummers and wildflowers too.

  4. Thank You Pam! You have a nice system to your library. You will be surprised as you will want to keep those books for the Grandkids at your home so Grandma and PawPaw can read them outloud to the babies! That means another book shelf! Your bookcases are very nice...alot like what I am picturing for my home. Wish me luck in finding some CHEAP!

  5. I LOVE books too! A home isn't complete with out bookshelves and plenty of books to go on them!

  6. We have books all around our house, too. Yours are stored so nicely in all your bookcases. We have some in cases and many in piles. Thanks for sharing your book pictures.