Friday, November 13, 2009

Exciting News!!

We have a new grand baby as of yesterday afternoon.  Hunter has a little sister - Phoenix Autumn Ross.  Unfortunately I have no pictures yet to share.  The technology of getting pictures from a camera to nana seems to be missing this time.  I think it is a problem with the camera phone and facebook.  Hopefully I have pictures tomorrow.  The baby was born at 4:57 PM on November 12th -- my mother's birthday.  Although since I have yet to get a picture I am beginning to doubt her existance -- but I have heard her loud and clear in background of numerous phone calls.  Everyone is doing well.  Hunter is missing his mum I am sure -  and not allowed to go to the hospital because of the H1N1 flu.  I will be going to see little Phoenix and Hunter on Tuesday.  Since the baby was supposed to be born sometime after November 17th - I can not go until after working this weekend.

Since I have no pictures of the baby I can show pictures of my weekend retreat at Bowen Island last week.

This is the kit that I bought in Skagway on the cruise in May of 2008.  It was actually much easier to cut out than I thought it would be.  I used Steam a Seam lite.  It is amazing how much fabric gets cut away from the fish.  I have since cut out the rest of the two borders and it is ready to be put together.  The fish are not ironed at this time - just placed in position.  About half way through cutting out the second fish I discovered that I had put the fish on the fabric upside down --so the second fish was opposite in colour to the first fish -  red part of the fabric was on the bottom instead of on the top.  I was in a panic.  It was a kit and I had no more fabric - and it was going to look silly.  As we all gathered around my table Sunday afternoon trying to decide what I should do - search on line for more fabric - place the fish in a different position.  We actually decided we liked it better that way and all Jim really cared about was that they had green heads!  So I think the colour movement in the piece actually adds to it a bit -- that's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

My next accomplishment was my Morris Garden quilt.  I made 20 or so blocks -- there are a LOT of half square triangles!!  I am going to make as many as I can with the amount of fabric I have - which should be about 60-70 or so.  Because I am still having mathmatical issues with this quilt.  Thinking - obviously not clearly -   I decided that each large square cut  into two half square triangle would make two blocks - so 30 fat quarters -- two large squares -- four large half square triangles = 120 blocks.  Except that each block required TWO half square triangles --- thus only 60 blocks - and not quite enough for the size of quilt that I thought I was making.  I am sure in some previous math class some math teacher insisted that this Grade 10 algebra would one day come in handy!!  To make the quilt the size I want I think I need about 72 blocks.  So -- my dear friend Dianne gave me a bit of William Morris fabric from another line -- quite lovely and I ordered a few fat quarters from the new Morris Workshop line - and I think I can do this.........

A couple of pictures from the show and tell at retreat --one of my favourites was this little Red Rocks of Sedona wall hangings made by one of the ladies in my Friday stitch. 

And a very pretty quilt made from a "Flower of the month" fabric club.  Not a fabric club that I would have thought of joining but you just can help but feel happy when you look at a quilt just full of bright and pretty flowers. 

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I will post pictures of Phoenix as soon as I can.  I am anxiously awaiting them!!  I hear she has dark hair - like her mum and looks a bit like Hunter as well but she has very long fingers and toes -- 6 lbs 2 oz and 50 cm long and she is a very good little eater and doesn't cry too much.


  1. Congratulations Pam, I am SO excited for you all. A new grand-daughter, just wonderful!
    I love all the projects you're working on, but have to say, Phoenix's arrival is just the best news. Can't wait for pictures!
    Be sure to have an entirely wonderful weekend.

  2. congrats Pam.........such exciting news.........hope everyone is well.........

  3. Wonderful news Pam! Hope they will be able to send some pictures soon. Have a great weekend.

  4. Very, very exciting news! Congratulations to your daughter and her family! Hunter is going to be so excited when Baby Phoenix goes home.

  5. Congratulations grandma - lovely news xxx

  6. Hi Pam,
    Congratulations to your loved ones on the safe arrival of Phoenix- I am sure she is beautiful just like her grandma and mom. Hope that Jessica is doing well and that Hunter isn't missing his mom too much.
    I am sure you are looking forward to your trip to Calgary to visit them. It will be lots of fun I am sure.
    The quilt retreat quilts were really lovely. I am particularly fond of the floral quilt- I do love floral fabrics.
    I am off to make a post- it has been awhile- Life has been overly full these days. We have been trying to find our way out of the basement and de junking it - We have lived in this house along time( since 1981) and it really needed to be done. It is still not great but we have gotten rid of a fair amount of stuff- it is all the papers and stuff like that that takes so much time to go through.
    Be well and have a safe journey to see your new granddaughter.
    Hugs to all,

  7. Congratulations! Few, my memory is still good! Cheers!