Saturday, November 14, 2009

Phoenix Autumn Ross

Finally some pictures. Jessica is home from the hospital and it sounds like she is doing pretty well. Phoenix is eating well and not crying much and sleeping well.

She is certainly a pretty little girl -- if I say so myself....

Here she is with Dad. She certainly looks a bit like Hunter don't you think.

And a picture of what Hunter was up to while Mum was in hospital. Hanging out with his little friend Lorelai.... hmmm..
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  1. Sweetness and joy! Welcome to the world,
    Phoenix. :-) Congratulations grandma and grandpa, too! Gosh, but she looks so precious and Hunter has been practicing his smooches, lol, I think his little sister is going to be very well loved by him.

  2. Grandchildren make the world go round, Happy to hear Jessica and baby are doing fine.

  3. Welcome Phoenix.......
    A kiss to all.
    ciao ciao

  4. She looks lovely! Hunter must be very happy to have his mummy back home? I saw a lot of cute pictures of him on FB.

  5. OMG she is so lovely Pam and little Hunter with his cute!!!
    What a lucky grandma you are!! Have a fun visit with your daughter and her babies m'dear!

  6. Anonymous1:12 am

    Congratulations Dear Pam! Lovely Baby! Welcome Phoenix!She was born on November 12th Octavio´'s birthday too!!!!!! Kisses and huges to all of you! Andrea

  7. Congratulations Pam, nice to have a little girl in the family.