Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Why perimenapausal women should not handle rotary cutters!

I have spent the past few days getting ready for a 4 day quilting retreat.  I am so looking forward to spending some quality quilting time with my favourite quilting peeps and away from the long "to do" list that still looms large.

I decided I was going to make that long planned for Morris Garden fabric "Lady of the lake" quilt.  I bought a fat quarter bundle of the Morris Garden fabric quite some time ago.  I have planned out exactly what quilt I wanted to make with the fabric.  At first I was thinking a basket block but finally I decided on a modified version of the Lady of the Lake.  I decided the best thing was to cut all the fabric before going to Bowen Island to be ready to just sew - sew - sew.  I will take the little featherweight - perfect for piecing.

So I start cutting up the fat quarter bundle.

After cutting up about 18 fat quarters -- it suddenly dawns on me that 7/8 is NOT the bigger line - second from the end but it is the SMALLER line right at the end --- I knew that!!  So all of my squares and triangles are cut at the 3/4 mark - not 7/8.

In a panic I decided to grab what ever two fabrics - whether they go together or not and make a quick test block to see if I can get it together by fudging the seams.  There are a lot of half square triangles that have to fit along a long seam. 

So I make my test block --- seems to work okay if I sew a narrow seam on the half square triangle.  The block finishes up at 10 inches   I have planned this whole quilt up on EQ6.  Block size - quilt size - number of blocks.  Planned out my fabric placement.

I don't like the block - it is too large. I am very visual and now that I have sew it together it just doesn't look right - the big triangles are too large for the small half square triangles.   I just don't like it.   I spend the entire night fussing and worrying and the next day I re-draft the block - the quilt - and re-figure if I have enough fabric because if I make the blocks smaller I need more - many more blocks.  Oh the trauma -- And I thought quilting was supposed to be fun and relaxing!!  I think I should just let it go - leave the blocks 10 inches.  Jim says "leave the blocks the way they are - it will be fine"  But I can't!!

So I cut 2 inches off every 8 3/4 inch half square triangle I had already cut.  What a waste of fabric. I have saved the little bits - maybe I can use them in the border somehow.  Although I have cut them the correct size now -- 6 7/8!!  But I am still using the same size smaller triangles - so there are only 7 half square triangle around the block instead of 9.  I am thinking with my muddled brain that I will have enough fabric.  I had ordered extra fabric for the borders etc.  My small squares are mostly still 2 3/4 instead of 2 7/8 -- so I am still going to have to work with slightly smaller seams there.  Good thing fabric has some stretch!!

So this is the block.  I like it.  I am happy - and now I have to go back to cutting fabric -- I have a lot more fabric left to cut -- hopefully all goes well today -- if I never post again  -- you know what happened!!


  1. A real bummer, I like your adaptness in tight situations. Look forward to the next post

  2. I agree the sizes of all the different parts in that last block go together much better. Do you have a grey design wall?

  3. Yes I agree the second block looks much better and you were right to get it "right" - lol.

  4. Well, at least no blood was shed and no animals harmed in the making of this quilt ~ so far, so good, lol. I have to chuckle, I've been in this same place myself. If you aren't happy with the one block, making more of the same may very well multiply your displeasure. You did the right thing. Enjoy the retreat.

  5. That quilt is going to be lovely! I love the gold fabric!

  6. It is allll about being happy. And now it will be a joy to complete. Have a blessed time.

  7. I agree, I think it looks better at the smaller size. Enjoy the retreat.

  8. lol
    omg thats where i get my anal retentiveness