Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The cupcakes that didn't turn out.

Here are the cupcakes. I wasn't sure if I would even post a picture of them. They did not turn out they way I wanted. I was having a bit of a trauma with the Icing. I wanted to pipe the icing on with one of those icing bags -- I couldn't get the icing the right consistancy and the tip was too small and it looked terrible. So I scraped the icing off -- added more icing sugar and tried again -- still looked terrible and the icing was stiff and too sweet, so in the end I just spread it on and then added the strawberries. Thank goodness I am not the one that will be putting on the icing in the end. Anyway - the cupcakes taste pretty good - I didn't think they tasted as good as the test batch I made three weeks ago -- but then that could have been the frustration with the icing.
This is the picture of what they should look like. And I added an awful lot of red food colouring and they still didn't look as red as I wanted.
This is the picture that Jessica sent me to begin this cupcake instead of wedding cake thing. I think once they are all on the lovely silver tray with all the strawberries and the gold foil they will look much better than sitting on a plate in the kitchen.

I iced about 12 of the 96 that I made (as a test batch) then I wandered around the neighbourhood giving them away. The teenage boys will eat anything!!! I will take some pictures of the final display on Wedding day.

The bride and groom have arrived and it has been very, very hectic here, to say the least. And the World Cup needs watching and Edmonton lost to Carolina last night. Posted by Picasa

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  1. They might not have turned out exactly as you'd planned but they sure look scrummy to me - God bless my poor waistline :o(