Sunday, June 04, 2006

A day of Quilting

Here we all are in the little village hall for our day of quilting. The day turned out to be quite sunny for the afternoon. Although it has been raining here an awful lot lately. As you can see there is more chatting than sewing going on. We all started at 9 AM and didn't leave until 10PM so it was a long day. I started a table runner that turned out to be more work and more triangles then I thought.

This is the little hall where the reception for Jessica and Ben's wedding is going to be held. So I spent time looking at the tables, chairs, kitchen, sound system. How it will be to decorate, where the tables should go etc. It was helpful.. discovered I rented the wrong size table cloths - so I fixed that today!
These are a few pictures of the quilts that were up on design walls. I really liked this one. Wonderful colours.
Here is another one I liked - different houses.
This is a Kaffe Fasset pattern - although it is just courthouse steps but the way the fabric is placed there is a Japanese Lantern effect. The fabrics are mostly Japanese prints. It is just a wonderful quilt with beautiful fabric. The woman who was doing this quilt sat next to me and I spent most of the day admiring it.

The jury is still out on the Pounce. I opened it up and filled the little "pouncer" and when I finally got the stuff coming out it seemed to just put a very fuzzy line on the quilt. Fortunately it was easy to remove. I will try it again though because it could still be operator error at this time. The cost of it - I'd better get some use out of it. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Have you gotton your pounce to work yet? If not, here are some tips. (I use mine all the time to mark quilts on my longarm.) With the bottom cover in place, whack the pounce a sharp whack on a table or other hard surface. This knocks the powder into the cloth pad on the pounce. Position your stencil. I like to put spray basting on mine as it keeps it in one place nicely. Now, use a rubbing motion (NOT a patting motion) to transfer the powder to the quilt. Don't rub back and forth like you are erasing - with firm pressure rub slowly in one direction over the stenci. That will transfer the powder from the cloth part of the pounce to the fabric. If you still get a blurry line it may be the powder in the pounce. Some of it is just not fun to work with. I use Miracle Chalk. It goes on easily doesn't bounce around when stitching, and disappears with the touch of a steam iron. No affiliation whatsoever - just a happy customer.