Thursday, June 29, 2006


In 1996 Tasha came to our home. We adopted her when she was 2 1/2. She had a few "issues" She suffered a bit from separation anxiety and she was the "dog who loved too much" But she was a wonderful friend.

She loved to get the mail - everyday she would sit at the window and wait for the mailman. As he approached she would start a frenzy of barking and then rip at the mail as it was being put through the mail slot. Andrew's social insurance card will forever have her teeth holes in it.

When we moved to our small village I was so happy to find the mail was going to be sent off to a mail box - no more mailman. Instead she set off into the same frenzy of barking everytime we opened or closed the automatic garage door!!!

Jim insisted that I make a quilt for Tasha. I am a bit of a slow quilter (as you can tell from the 13 years it took for my sampler quilt) I had made one quilt for Jessica and was just starting a quilt for Andrew and I felt I should make the kids quilts before I started on one for the dog. "No" said Jim "you need to make Tasha's quilt first, she won't be around as long as you think" So I made Tasha a little red flannel quilt with ducks. She loved her quilt. We would take it to Tofino where she would lay right in the middle of the living room in front of the fire. Right in the middle of everything - just where a dog should be.
She was such a pretty girl. And she looked at you with these eyes that just said "I love you Pam"
Tasha just wanted to be with us. Where ever the whole family was together. Her favorite place was when we were together on holiday in Tofino. A holiday made just for a dog --- walking on the beach, eating, sleeping and all together in the pack.
Posted by PicasaIn January of 2005 Tasha started to cough. She was 11 years old. Her heart was failing. We started her on a bunch of different medications, she had a Echocardiogram and with the help of the heart medication and Lasix to decrease the fluid in her lungs she got better. But the doctor said we couldn't cure the heart failure and June 28, 2005 she died. We still miss the silly dog. We still have her basket sitting in the TV room, with her quilt and her toys. We took her ashes to her favorite place, Chesterman's Beach.


  1. Stop, you're making my makeup run! :( That's the only bad thing about having and loving a dog is that they have to leave too soon. Perhaps it's time for a new buddy to take to the beach?

  2. You know how I love my dogs! Tasha looks like she was a real sweetie. It is so hard to lose them. I am glad she gave you so many memories!