Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Didn't make cupcakes today

I forgot to buy butter yesterday so I couldn't make the cupcakes this morning as planned so I decided to make up a batch of "Gruel" for the birds! Gruel is our word for this mixture of wheatberries, pasta, rice, millet and whatever else grabs me when I am wandering through the bulk section at Whole Foods. When you cook up a little of this and a little of that you end up with a whole lot of Gruel. Now I need to drive off to Safeway and pick up about 100 little snack ziplock baggies to put the stuff into and then I freeze it. The birds just love the stuff - when I give it to them I add some frozen corn and peas that have been thawed and warmed up.
This is Abby - she is a three year old female we got from the SPCA.
This is Zoe - who is about 6 years old and we have known her since she was an egg! My daughter had a couple of cockatiels that some room mate just left with her and they had a couple of batches of eggs -- Zoe was baby #2 from the first batch of eggs. When my daughter moved away a woman who lived near her and used to raise cockatiels took the two parents and the second batch of babies -- and we ended up with Zoe. That in itself is a long story -- kids who want pets and parent who end up with pets -- and vet bills! So she is now my little bird.

So -- I am off to get some butter!! (and baggies). I think I will also buy some stuff - icing sugar etc. to make a test batch of icing. I bought some icing bags and tips yesterday to put the icing on the cupcakes -- rather than just slathering icing on with a knife. I hope it looks nice when it is all finished. And taste good!! Posted by Picasa

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  1. Your birds are very pretty. Your "gruel" sounds like the stuff I make for my doggies, except I use meat and lots of different veggies, garlic, etc. By the time I've picked up everything I want to cook up and mix in it uses a lot of yogurt containers that I then freeze. What we don't do for our "kids".