Friday, June 02, 2006

Packing for Quilting by the Bay

I am going off tomorrow for a day of quilting. From 9 AM tomorrow morning until 10 PM at night. I have a few things I can work on. I have a pattern for a table centre that is really nice - I want to use the hand dyed fabric that I have. I also have a kit for a lap quilt. I have never used a kit before (except for the table runner). The kit is with a fabric that I really liked -- Gladiolas. I will see how much I can get done tomorrow and post the results!
This is a package of Quilt Pounce that I picked up at the Quilt store yesterday. I have heard great and glorious things about using the Pounce with the ready made quilting stencils and how easy it is to use and how well it stays on etc. I have one small wall hanging that I just need to finish quilting the border and then it is ready for the binding. I will try the Pounce tomorrow marking a quilting pattern on the border and report back the results.
Well -- I am going to leave this picture here because I don't know how to delete it at this time - but I don't know how it got here. This is the view of Howe Sound from our deck. I took it a few nights ago, and just downloaded it while I was downloading the rest of the pictures. It was a grey and not very interesting night. I am really not sure why it ended up here. Posted by Picasa


  1. I will look forward to know what you think of pounce. I have tried it twice and can't say I am pleased with it. Might be that I am not doing it right but I think it is a bit messy and doesn't hang onto the fabric long. I like the picture of the water, looks so quite and still, maybe our little blessing from you.

  2. I used the pounce on a small project that I finished quickly (happens so rarely I remember it clearly!) I liked it well enough that time but the next time I tried it on a quilt going into the frame and what a mess!!! Maybe it was the frame...maybe the pounce got old and sticky...I was not a happy quilter!

    The photo of the oceasn is beautiful.

  3. Really glad you left in in - at 40 minutes from the coast, here is the nearest I've ever lived to the seaside - even on a grey and not very interesting night it sure looks beautiful to me - what a wonderful peaceful view to have from your deck - you lucky thing