Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fabric and Lights

This is the sample pack of fabric that I bought a few years ago. It is hand dyed and then has a bit of a sparkle on top of the fabric as well. It is the fabric that is used in the quilt in the previous post of the Mariner's Compass I have been saving this little package of fabric for just the right project - and I am still looking for it!! Any idea's? It works quite well with the batiks - so I have a few fat quarter batik packages as well.

So I bought a bit of fabric at the quilt show last weekend. All the beautiful quilts at the show have inspired me to start some new projects and finish so old projects.

But the best thing I bought at the quilt show was my new light. I am so thrilled with this light. It is a "Daylight" not an Ott light but it has a wonderful bright light that doesn't glare in my eyes and I can put it right over my lap as I am sitting or over the table to use with the marking pens and cutting and marking my Dear Jane pieces. I had a small table light by the same company and I really liked the brightness and clarity of the light but found it still didn't give enough light sitting on the small table. This light can be place right over what I am working on. And it has the magnifying glass - perfect for needle threading and small pieces. I do most of my quilting downstairs in the TV room and it is getting darker and darker in there in the evening so this is just what I needed. My husband also finds that it is better for him because it is pointing downward instead of outward - it doesn't shine in his eyes. What a good deal all around!!

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