Friday, September 08, 2006

The Hour a Day Quilt

I am really enjoying the Hour a Day quilt. Although I am not doing it for an hour a day -- some days more and some days not at all. I love the fabric scraps that I have in it. And it has been such a nice little project to just spend a bit of time sewing away at when I feel like it.

I have all twelve blocks completed and I am now working on the sashing between the blocks. I am going to put a dark green corner block - I think all the same green fabric - sitting between the four burgandy squares will look good. I found this blue piece of fabric in my stash that I think looks good as the final outer border. I am quite happy with the way this is turning out. Thank you JudyL!!
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  1. I love your fabric choices for this project. That is going to one wonderfully bright, vibrant quilt. Love it!