Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September Morning

It was a bit of an event trying to upload pictures today.

The topic of quilting/sewing rooms has come up a fair amount this week and I have a big problem with my quilting room. When we moved into this house it had only two bedrooms upstairs and a large den/TV room downstairs and another large room that could have been a bedroom - and did become Andrew's bedroom. The upstairs bedroom became a computer/guest room. Mostly used as a computer room. And a very tiny little "room" in basement - across from Andrew's room - became my quilting room.

It isn't such a bad space, it is about 12 feet long and only about 6 feet wide. My chair rolls around very nicely on the tile floor. There is a built in bookshelf from floor to ceiling behind my chair.

There are no windows - there is this funny little window that looks into the laundry room and gives me a little extra light. The laundry room is on my left and there is a big long storage room to my right. I have another cupboard at the end of the storage room to hold some fabric, batting etc.

The cupboards above the table hold most of my fabric but I am starting to run out of space and pile things up where ever I can fit them.

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The problem with my sewing room is not such a big deal really - it is a space that works fairly well for me right now.

What is becoming a small issue right now - not a big deal mind you - but Andrew's room is a big nice room, two large windows, double French doors, cable hook-up, nice stereo system -- and the kid won't move out! He really doesn't live here much anymore. He has basically been living at his girlfriends since last December. His girlfriend lives with her mother and father in a great big 7 bedroom, 5 bathroom 4 levels of house. I doubt if they even noticed that he stopped going home for the first two or three months. Her father is mostly away - he has a company oversea's so he is away for 4-5 months at a time so I think his girlfriends mother is happy to have a man around the house. The mother works for the company in town and she works quite long hours. The two sisters are not living at home anymore - so there seems to be a comfortable situation that has occurred and I am wondering when the boy will actually take his "stuff".

Boy would I ever like that room. We could put the computer and a small TV at one end and there is a nice big Ikea cupboard I could get drawers and some shelves for and put my fabric in there. I could put my sewing maching and stuff at the other end - have a big window, a stereo -- we could turn the upstairs bedroom into a real guest room. Maybe this will be the year, they are both working full time and talking about saving money and doing so travelling - oh I guess if they go travelling the stuff will stay!! Hmm -- what can I do to get that room?


  1. Just make the switch!!! You'll still be proving storage for his stuff for when he needs it. How can he complain? It's your home and he's not really living there anymore anyway. Go for it!!

  2. Trade rooms when he's not there. After all it's your house, and he's not really living there any more. Or start charging him rent by the square foot, and tell him the smaller room will be much less expensive!