Thursday, September 28, 2006

Old Sewing Machine and New project

So Blogger and Picassa2 are doing the most interesting things this week. What I usually do when I want to post is I upload the pictures using the Picassa2 program and then I go to my blog - to edit posts - and then I add my text - because sometimes the pictures do not get upload with Picassa and then the text is lost - and I hate that.

The last two times I used Picassa2 to upload pictures they did not show up until I uploaded them a second time and then what happened is both sets up pictures then showed up. This time I upload on the 27th -- no pictures so I had to go to work - I tried again to load the same pictures today and got two sets of posts - one dated the 27th - one today. Strange.

This is an old Singer sewing machine I was given when Jim's mum died. It was bought by her in the 50's some time. I have had it for a about 2 years now and I thought I should use it a bit more - it has a really nice even stitch. It is not a featherweight and I can see why Singer brought in the featherweight machines - this thing weighs a ton!! I would really like a featherweight one day I think but I really have no idea how to go about buying one and do I really need one?? I don't think I do - I just have decided I would like one.

I have a bunch of left over half square triangles from a blue/white and yellow queen size quilt I started a couple of years ago. The quilt top is finished and I am just getting ready to send it off to be machine basted by a long arm quilter. So I had this great stack of blue and yellow half square triangles and I thought I would just start randomly sewing them together and see how many I had and maybe I can make a table runner or something out of them. And I will use the old Singer sewing machine.

This is one of the block ideas I was playing around with - I am not sure how I will end up putting them all together. I think I have enough fabric to make a whole other quilt - so I will just see where it takes me. I just love blue and yellow together. It is so bright and cheery - it just makes you smile to see the colours.

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I have my "Quilting by the Bay" this weekend so I have a bunch of things that I will get done on Saturday. (I hope) It is 12 hours of sewing and visiting and having food brought in - lots of fun. Last June just before Jessica's wedding I went to "Quilting by the Bay" for the first time. I really enjoyed the day. Much better than working!


  1. I really like that block. So simple in construction, but the way you laid out the colors really make the pattern stand out. A yellow and blue quilt is on my list too.

  2. i love your sewing machine, pam. and what a gorgeous color scheme for the block, it is so bright and cheerful!
    thank you for sharing those wonderful photos from your walk...