Monday, September 18, 2006

Quilts inspired by a Ruth McDowell Workshop

The Quilt Show is over and it seemed to be a great success. I was in charge of the Merchant Mall area and it was a pretty busy place all weekend -- I did my part and spent a bit (alot) of money as well.

The quilts were all wonderful. I thought I would post a few pictures. The guild will usually post pictures of the quilts from the show on the Guild website as well.

These four quilts were done by members that had taken the 4 day course from Ruth McDowell at our "Fall Retreat 2005" Every other year (non Quilt show year) we have a 4 day Fall Retreat and the last two years we have had some amazing teachers come and give courses. I never took the Ruth McDowell workshop - I think it was sold out very fast!

For the next fall retreat the guild has already booked Becky Goldsmith from Piece O' Cake Design. We have very good programs at our guild.

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  1. The sunflower one is my favorite. I just love it. Beautiful!

  2. Did I read that correctly? Your guild is having Becky Goldsmith? You are lucky!

  3. Ruth McDowell is my hero. I love her work, and these students have done her justice. Incredible.