Thursday, June 07, 2007

African Fabric

My LQS had about 25 bolts of fabric come from Africa last week. It is probably all gone by now. This is some of what I bought on Sunday. It is so wonderful. It is interesting to see the real - straight from Africa fabric. When Reynola was giving the talk at our guild meeting in March she talked about the types of dye that is used, the fabric (quite often Damask fabric is used) and the colours and the block printing on the fabric. And it is all here - in these pieces of fabric. If you click on the pictures you can see the inlay designs of the damask fabric. It is very stiff now - but it will soften up with washing.

These are brought to Canada by a man who lives in Africa but has family in Canada - so when he comes to visit he brings some fabric. The quilt shop said that his wife is expecting and he doesn't think he will be making another trip here for awhile.

I have absolutely no plans for it yet! But isn't it wonderful? I just love fabric!

I will post more pictures tomorrow. I also bought a fabulous basket and one more piece of fabric.
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  1. Ciao
    These fabrics are STUPENDE ( WONDERFUL - WONDERFUL)
    I like the colors and the damask design

    I think you are like me..I would never use those fabrics, it will be so sad to cut them.

    For the previous post.. let me tell you...I'm afraid of dogs but I like your one, is so cute and funny!
    ciao, ciao

  2. The African fabrics are wonderful. I really likethe green one on the left in the top photo. How will you ever be able to cut them????

  3. These African fabrics are so nice. I'm jealous. I have some, that I bought at a convention one year - and was planning on buying more the next year, but they didn't have the booth. There is also a flea market that sold African fabrics, but you had to buy four yard pieces, and the flea market closed down. I'll have to keep looking. And then I keep telling myself that I am only going to buy fabric that I have a specific immediate plan for.

  4. They are gorgeous! Someday the perfect project will call their name... I know the one on the bottom right is probably ferns? But it looks like footballs to me! :)

  5. What wonderful fabrics! And from such an exotic location!

  6. gorgeous fabrics! how fun to be able to get them at the lqs...