Friday, June 08, 2007

My fabulous basket!

Isn't it a wonderful basket? The handle fits so nicely for carrying and it is so light and well balanced. If you click on the picture you can see on the tag a picture of a man that makes the baskets. It is made by the Fra Fra tribe in Ghana West Africa. The basket is a "Fairly Traded African Craft" Which is good for the village economy because the people who make the baskets are paid a "substantially higher than local market value" so they can make a decent income on their work. It still smells of grass. Now -- I just have to make sure I keep it well away from the Dog!!

More fabric. I bought a full metre of this piece. It has so many different colours it is just amazing and beautiful. The pictures don't quite show the richness of the colours. I think I would like to make something just using this one piece of fabric - not mixed with the others because I think it would make a really interesting quilt and you would think it was made of many different fabrics when it was just one. I went yesterday to a place in Granville Island called Maiwa Handprints , they sell fabrics from India and various other fabrics. I bought some scraps of solid blacks and yellow and blue. So -- now I need a plan!!
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  1. This bag is awsome ! Beautiful ! Yes, take care of the dog !

    And the fabric is gorgeous, too ! (Will you have the courage to cut through it ??? LOL)

    Hugs & smiles !

  2. What an extraordinary basket! Take care to keep it from the dog.

  3. Absolutly gorgeous the fabric (and the others from the previous post) and the basket. What will you do with the basket? It could be a lovely way to show your african fabrics.