Saturday, June 23, 2007

The two books I ordered have arrived

After seeing this book on Jenni's blog I knew I "needed" it!! The link will take you to Jenni's post about the book and she has a few more pictures of the book. It is a great book, full of patterns with fairly easy to follow rotary cutting instructions for each block. The are 125 different pieced blocks, applique blocks and sashiko. Some of the blocks are very simple to assemble and others are much more complicated. Great book, I am very happy I bought it -- Thanks Jenni!!

Of course the site had a special that if I spent $40.00 I would get free shipping. The book was only $18.00 - so I thought I should order another book - of course :))

This is the second book I ordered. It is also a great book. It is a "That Patchwork Place" book by Kitty Pippen.

And to my amazement the pattern for this quilt is in the book. I had seen the quilt at a quilt show somewhere and just loved it. I thought I would love to make it one day - great for little colourful bits of Japanese fabrics. And I open the book and here it is - plus the pattern. How exciting is that.

"Japanese Garden Path"

This is also another of the patterns in the book. It is called "Linked Shapes"

I love this pattern as well. The templates for the shapes are included in the book. Also the patterns for various sashiko designs are included. So - I am very pleased with my purchase. I have recently added to my Japanese fabric collection so I think it is time to get busy on a small quilt to use it up!!
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  1. Those look like two great books. I saw that Japanese Garden Path in Harbor Quilts in WA a couple of years ago, and I liked it, too. Good to know what book has the pattern.

  2. I really like the Japanese Garden Path. I don't know alot about Japanese quilts or fabric, but I really like that one. How long before you can get that done to show us?? *g*

  3. Glad you like the book too Pam. The other book looks good too.

  4. ciao Pam.
    Beautiful this book.
    I like the Japanese books and japanese fabrics.
    ciao ciao

  5. They both look like great books Pam. I've seen the second one at the library, and the path caught my eye as well. I've seen paths like that done up with applique instead of piecing, which makes them look more varied, and much nicer, and if I remember correctly, that is how that book did it.
    The Japanese Quilt Blocks book looks lovely. There are so many beautiful patterns it looks like fromt he cover. I'm definitely going ot have to look it up!

  6. Just poppin' by to say HI. I'm on the Q4P blogring as well ;) Love your blog!

  7. The Japanese garden path looks fantastic. Can't wait to see your version.

  8. those books look like splendid inspiration!

  9. My mother-in-law made "Japanese Garden Path" and its really lovely. I think you'll like it alot.

    Your chocolat projects are gorgeous too!