Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My first stuffed Teddy Bear --0r another dog story!

A week or so ago I decide to try making a stuffed teddy bear. I bought a Simplicity pattern and some minky fabric from Fabricland and then a bag of stuffing on Friday from Fabricanna. On Saturday and Sunday I cut out the pattern and put the bear together - stuffed it up and stitched the back closed while Jim worked hard on the window. I was looking around for a small amount of light brown wool to stitch a nose and eyes on the bear. The bear turned out much larger than I expected, it was a very simple pattern - just two pattern pieces. I thought I might give it to the little guy down the street who is about 3 months old now. I left it on the top of the couch yesterday while we were at work. Jim gets home much earlier from work than I do. And he first spotted stuffing -- all over the stairs..... leading to the poor bear!!

He only lived two short days.

This is the stuffing that Jim gathered up - in tiny bits all over the house. Ahhh yes. My mistake really because the dog was very interested in the bear as I was stuffing it on Sunday, I should have realize that leaving the bear where she could get it would have resulted in the death of the bear. It must have been some site to see her running around the house having a grand old time ripping the stuffing out of the bear - with no one around to stop her - LOL

And here is a picture of the windows - with the furniture back where it belongs -- so come on over and have a sit :))

This is the window over the stairs. Previously it was a window that opened and it had cross hatching on the panes of glass. We never opened it because it is in an awkward spot and difficult to open. So now that it is one solid piece of glass we put up the stained glass piece that was previously in our bedroom. I think it looks lovely here. And it is right beside the front door - so now everyone who comes to the door will be able to enjoy it as much as we do. And didn't Jim do a great job on the finishing :)) Now it looks like I just need to clean the window - LOL
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  1. Oh dear, naughty puppy.... too late to scold though. The windows look wonderful, your hubby did a terrific job.

  2. I guess your doggie is really in the dog house for doing that!

    The windows really look nice and I really, really like that stained glass piece. Oh, I have a blue wing backed chair that looks so much like yours. Blue is my color!

  3. Oh dear - poor little bear! Love that colour fabric you used though.

    I'll be right over to sit and chat with you in one of those chairs. I'll bring the cookies ......

    Take care,

  4. Beautiful windows!!!
    The window on the stairs with that landscape is very lovely.

    I'm sorry for the bear..........
    ciao ciao

  5. Poor teddy !! Your house is beautiful and what a good job your hubby did on the windows !!

  6. So sad for the baby bear. But you are probably right - I'm sure the sight of your puppy running around the house spreading the fluff everywhere was quite entertaining.

  7. Lookin good! I'm coming over to sit in those blue chairs! Did you dust that table with the magazine rack? ROFL Jenny is one ADHD puppy! lol Love the stain glass! I want one of those! Keep well!

  8. I am living the same thing over here with my puppy! If she has a rawhise bone she is better but if she doesn't, watch out. She LOVES the kids stuffed animals. But so do they :(
    Your living room and the new windows are lovely. I relaly like the stained glass. It must feel good to get it all back together.

  9. Awww poor bear. Great windows!

  10. Ha ha! Obviously she thought you were making a dog toy bear. My dogs would have done the same thing if I left it where they could get it. Roo still tries to steel stuffed german shepherds out of my collection. My last darling shepherd, Rush, used to always try to steel my grinches. They do loved the stuffed animals!!

    That's funny though because I almost asked you about Jenny yesterday and said she must be doing well because you hadn't complained about her chewing anything up in awhile!! :) :)

  11. The windows look wonderful. The bear looks like it used to look wonderful too. We used to have a stained glass window by our front door too, at the house we used to live in.

  12. Poor bear, he lived a short life...
    I sure the puppy had a great day. So nice of you to make him a toy.

    The windows look good.

  13. Oh dear!!! not the puppy again!!
    Great job with the windows Pam, they look great, i bet ur pleased its over!!

  14. Opps..........check out my new post brought about by you.....

  15. Oh that would have been fun to watch the stuffing flying around the house....oh but little poor bear.

    The windows look great!
    I'll be over to watch that sunset you sent to Chookyblue...lol

  16. Now that was an oops! Poor bear. The molding looks great. Tell Jim he did a wonderful job.

  17. Oh, no poor bear!

    Wow, the windows look terrific. I'm coming sit in one of those blue chairs and stitch along with you. OK?