Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nothing but work these past 5 days

Although I will start off with one small fabric purchase I made a couple of weeks back.

More African fabric that came into my local quilt shop. I was quite thrilled to see more fabric and there were a few colours there that I "needed" to add to my collection.

I just got an email last night that this quilt shop will not be renewing their lease next March and I am very sad to hear that. I have been shopping quite frequently and heavily in the shop lately - as you all know - LOL!!

I have been almost completely absent from home the past 5 days - with two long night shifts - Friday and Saturday and then sleep Sunday and a two day workshop ( work related, not quilting) Monday and Tuesday. I was so gosh darn tired last night that I fell asleep during the last few minutes of The Sopranos and was unable to stay up to watch the season premier of Boston Legal. Now that is tired! I was really looking forward to Boston Legal starting up again.

I am now getting myself ready for my quilt guild's "Fall Seminar" The is a lecture tonight by Becky Goldsmith of "Piece O' Cake Designs" and Jeanette DeNicolis Meyer. I will be taking a course from Becky Goldsmith on Friday - "Little Bitty Ensy Teensy" It is applique for very small pieces. Which I think will be great for my continuing progress with my Dear Jane quilt.

I am also taking a class from Judy Morningstar . She is a Canadian teacher. Her class is called "Creative Curves. I think it is more of an "art quilt" class, rather than traditional quilting. I don't always do well in those classes but I always have a fun day learning and anything I make can always end up in an orphan quilt - LOL

Well I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on - it is amazing how much can happen in 5 days.

Thank you to everyone for all your great comments on my African quilt. I am ready to stitch it together! I will use layout #4 and keep it the way it is on the wall. I think if I had to do it all again I might have done a couple of things differently, but it is always a learning process.........
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  1. Enjoy the lecture tonight and the class on Friday. I really like the Piece O'cake patterns.

  2. Lots of things happenning. Enjoy and relax.

  3. Not sure how I missed your last post...Your African quilt is gorgeous!

  4. ciao,
    Like you said here too a lot of quilt shops closed and so I buy fabrics when I go to some exposition.
    Tomorrow I will goto TORINO for an exposition and I will buy fabrics for sure.

    I've seen that you are planning for your project, well.....

    and I understand that you sleep looking at TV, I think that your work is more binding.

    ciao ciao

  5. I got behind in my blog reading, too, and so didn't get to comment on your layout -- but I like #4, too, so I guess it doesn't matter!

    Your new fabrics are great! Love love love those African prints!

  6. There's nothing more heartbreaking than a quilt shop closing it's doors. I understand how sad that is. I took a workshop some years ago from Becky Goldsmith and learned a LOT! Oh, yes... some of their applique patterns are teensy-weensy all right!!;) Her techniques will be helpful for DJ.

  7. HI Pam,
    I think your African quilt looks wonderful and so does your new windows. I have always loved stain glass and we have a number of small pieces that hang together in the dining room window.
    I hope that you enjoyed your course on Friday. I am sure that it was lots of fun. I will look forward to seeing your new creations.

  8. Yea, I read you about being tired. Love you African fabric. It's sad to read of a quilt shop closing! Wow, you have quite the quilting classes lined up girl friend! Can't wait to read about them. Have a great week!