Saturday, September 08, 2007

My sewing mat from Tazzie

I got my sewing mat from Australia!! Thank you so much Tazzie! I love the colours. Isn't blogging fun! Tazzie does such wonderful work -- visit her Etsy page!

Here is my sewing machine with my new sewing mat. One day soon I will have my featherweight up and running and ready to put on it! That is my goal before the November retreat. I have joined the featherweight Yahoo group and I think I am almost ready to do the tune up myself! The machine actually runs quite well but it really should have a little oil and lube. I just love the look of the sewing machine mat with the little featherweight sitting on it so nicely. But in the meantime my Pfaff is quite happy on my new mat. And it is so nice to know where that darn seam ripper is at all times - LOL

This is the view from the window at my sewing machine and computer. There are two large windows in the room. The computer is in front of one and the sewing machine in from of the other. As you can see the yard and garden are not that large and there is only a small piece of grass between the window and the flower bed which is mostly hostas.

The reason I am show you this is because two times this week I have looked up from the computer or sewing machine and there has been a small black bear walking along the grass!!! It is quite startling to see the bear. It looks like just a young bear - maybe 2 years old or so. Jenny gave the bear a good barking at from behind the closed door tonight. We have a small plum tree out behind the hedge and there are a few other fruit trees in the neighbourhood - so I guess he is busy looking to fatten up for the long winter (aren't we all!!)

And here is the final picture of the quilt for the new baby - Ty is the baby's name. I gave them the quilt last weekend, they really liked it. It will be a great wash and use quilt for the little guy.

Jim and I have been watching Season One of the Soprano's this week. We finished the last episode of Season One tonight before 7 pm -- so off Jim was sent to the local video store to find the first DVD of Season two. We never watched any of the episodes when they were on TV and we have been hearing so much about how it is such a good show that we felt we needed to check it out. I will have to blame Susan from Blackberry Creek for getting my interest in the show started.

We are really enjoying the show. Such a great way to watch TV. We are able to get about 4 episodes in a night, but it have really cut into my blogging time. And of course the windows..............we won't mention the windows - LOL
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  1. Hey there Pam
    You do say the kindest things! I'm just so thrilled that you love it, and that it made it to you safely.
    Happy sewing!

  2. The baby will love that quilt! It's bright and fun.

    My DH and I have discovered the joys of watching TV shows a year later on DVD. You don't lose the dramatic momentum. Besides, if I like a show when it first shows up on TV, it will definitely be cancelled! I try to trick the system by waiting. ;)

  3. Love the sewing mat - very cute, indeed.

    Your view is wonderful - a baby bear AACCKK!!!

    My DH is a huge Sopranos fan and we're sorry it ended. Enjoy!

  4. Very nice sewing mat, and waht a lovely bright baby quilt. Bears, oh my gosh.

  5. Thanks for the idea about the Featherweight group on Yahoo. I went off and joined two of them and then came back to thank you. We, too, have been invaded with bears in this area this year. There is not enough food for them in the high country. Soon the mountain lions will follow. Nice sewing machine mat.

  6. Bears have been more problematic here this year as well. The quilt turned out wonderfully! Very much a boy's quilt with the hockey players on there!

  7. that is such a nice sewing mat......might have to make one of those for myself.........thank goodness the bear is out the window and your not out there with it..........

  8. You sewing machine looks great on that mat. Fortunatly I only have seen bears on the zoo

  9. I love your sewing machine mat. I got one from Tazzie too and my machine has been much nicer to me!! The baby quilt is wonderful.
    Bears??? What can I say to that??

  10. Wonderful quilt for a little boy! And the sewing mat is really nice. I can not imagine having a bear in my yard, we only get moose outside our houses around here, although there are a few bears in the area, I do hope they stay away from the house....

  11. Spectacular sewing mat, love the colours.
    Ty will use his quilt for a very long time, really cute.

  12. Beautiful that sewing mat!

    Don't think of the windows and have a beautiful Soprano's week too.
    ciao ciao

  13. At least you were inside when the bear went by.

    I have a feather weight that I use for retreats, will be giving it its first tune up later this month, scary.

  14. Glad to hear you're enjoying Sopranos. I often hesitate to recommend it because of the violence and language (not to mention the Bada Bing girls). Oh, and I love that baby quilt. --Susan

  15. Oh, I love everything in your post !
    The piecing mat is beautiful (I ordered a piecing one, and it's just sooo nice and handy with the flannel peace on top like a small design wall.
    Your garden is beautiful. A bear visitor ??? OMG, how I'd like to see it !
    And your baby quilt is absolutely lovely.

    Hugs & smiles !

  16. How fun that you have a Tazzie mat! It looks great with the Pfaff. Bear or not, I love the view from your windows. You aren't looking out at another house! Ty's quilt is just perfect for a little boy.

    Paul watched a few episodes of Sopranos. It was on one of the satellite channels. I couldn't get into it at all, so I sewed or blogged while it was on. I guess he didn't either, because he stopped watching after a while. At least we know what it was about.

  17. Oh my goodness - I'm glad the bear went on his way!

  18. A bear! Simon asks Jenny what she does when a bear wanders through her yard. Is there a canine protocol? He's never seen a bear...