Saturday, September 15, 2007

A very productive day

We have both been very busy today, so I think I may need to do this in two posts. Jim has finished one window!!! I think the other two will be finished tomorrow.

So of course we need some pictures. Here is Jim, borrowed nail compressor on hand. Ready to start.

First molding to go up!!

Hard at work with borrowed mitre saw ( see the trend here - LOL)

First window finished -- now time for a beer and a glass of wine!!
Doesn't it look lovely!!


  1. Jim's hard work looks fabulous!

  2. Jim is very good.
    ciao ciao to Jim

  3. Great job Jim! My DH will be doing the same thing in about 2 weeks with a kitchen window when it arrives.

  4. Yep, I like it! Gosh, those tools look familiar! ;o)

  5. Looks great! You've waited a long time for this to happen.