Thursday, January 03, 2008

And now --- back to your regular scheduled programming!!

Well I guess I should first wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!

We had our usual fairly quiet New Years Eve and then had a nice big turkey dinner New Years Day.

And now back at real life again! I have been very busy today, so I am just taking a short break from today's tasks for a quick post.

Took down the Christmas tree - finally!!

I also have some quilting goals that I need to get busy doing. I ordered a bunch of flannel Sock Monkey fabric from the Fat Quarter shop ( I just love that place!) I have decided I am going to make the new grandbaby a Sock Monkey quilt. I ordered the fabric from the Fat Quarter shop around the middle of December -- they had all the Sock Monkey fabric on 50% off.

So my goals for today were to wash all the Sock Monkey fabric -- which I did!
I have a pattern picked out for the quilt - so I will start on that this weekend.

I am just getting ready to put on a big pot of turkey soup -- we need to start eating a bit healthier and a bit earlier in the day. We have this tendency to eat supper about 7:30 at night - so that is our "New Year's Resolution"

I also used my "womanly charms" aka "nagging" to convince Jim to start on his big pile of file folders that need to be culled and shredded and thrown out!! And as you can see I was quite convincing -- LOL

He has paper in a file folder on a house the he did not buy in 1989!!! There are stacks and stacks of file folders piled up in our little office - that I really wanted to use - but can't!! So he has been shredding up a storm all day - and I have taken down the tree, washed my sock monkey fabric and now I am off to put the soup on to cook!!

But -- the computer is still not working for me - that is his tomorrow's task - and if he can't fix it tomorrow ---- it goes in to the shop. Meanwhile I am getting pretty good at typing on the laptop. I might just not go back to the desktop!!


  1. Love your box of fabrics from the Fat Quarter Shop ..... I too took advantage of the 50% off sale and ordered 2 Jelly Rolls - they should be here any day now.

    I'm busy shredding papers as well - DH wouldn't know how to pay bills let alone shred stuff - LOL. That's all my responsibility.

  2. Getting rid of paper is on my to-do list as well. I think I need to get a shredder for heavy duty use!

  3. My DH is a hoarder too. Drives me mad - he won't throw anything away. I sometimes have a little "sort-out" when he is at work and he never misses a thing - lol !

  4. Sock monkeys rock! LOL A very fun and happy quilt for sure.

  5. Those are cute sock monkey fabrics you bought.

    Mmmmm turkey soup, I can smell it already.

    How's the wind where you are? I hear there are power outages around various areas.

  6. Good going on getting all that shredding started, at least. I've had floors that looked just like that. =) I can't say I would even know where to find anything from 1989, if we had it! He probably won't be needing those papers. LOL!

    Looking forward to seeing your sock monkey quilt.

  7. Nice box of fabrics, Fat Quarter Shop is a great place to shop....

  8. There must be something in the air in January that makes us want to clean up and clear out...Just in the last couple of days I sent my DH to work on a pile of papers to be shredded too!
    Looks like you have some lovely fabrics to play with...can't wait to see pictures!

  9. OOHHH, I made a quilt out of the sock monkey fabric last year. I loved it. It was very sweet when made up!

  10. Ha! I know about that paper that builds up. I try to open the mail now standing beside the recycling bin in the yard, before it even comes in the house. I have a filing cabinet, but sadly it did not come with a filing clerk!