Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Shopping in Portland

On Wednesday I headed off to Fabric Depot. I didn't really buy that much there - a few notions - the General Pencil Quilters Survival Kit - and a Fons and Porter Half and Quarter Square ruler -- which I really needed! The notions were all 30 % off. The two McKenna Ryan patterns are so cool - they are just 12 inch square blocks so I think they are something that could easily be made up with all that "fabric by the pound" batik I bought last year. Our TV room downstairs is a bit of a "fish room" so I think both these patterns would make great little wallhangings for in there.

I showed Jim the patterns and he said -- " you will have to buy fabric for those" No -- I have lots of fabric - "all these batik samples I bought in the summer" So I showed him my stack of batiks -- "good lord" he say " and those aren't even filed yet"!!! I'm not really sure what that was all about -- LOL!! I reassured him that they were "filed".

The next shop I went to was recommended by Michael -- from State of the Craft. A shop that has just recently opened up in the Hawthorne district in Portland. Cool Cottons.
Hawthorne Street is well worth a visit even without a quilt shop. There are lots of cool shops, cafes, Powell's Books etc along Hawthorne. Cool Cottons is a great little shop full of funky, wild and fun fabric, Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler etc.

I bought some fabric there that I thought might be fun fabric for Anri to make a bag or two. I love both the purple fabrics and the blue fabric would make such a fun, summer bag. It is hard to pick fabric for someone else, but I hope Anri likes what I have chosen for her. Which ever purple fabric she doesn't choose I will keep and make a bag out of it myself.

The next shop I went to is (was) called -- Fabric in the City. This shop is right downtown Portland but has not done a very good job of advertising that it is there. The shop has been there 2 1/2 years - so it was there when I was there in January 2006 - but I had no idea. Patti and the folks at the Speckled Hen were the one that told me it was there - and it was closing.

It is too bad it is closing - the last day is the end of the month so I was able to go and get some fabric at 25% off -- Half a yard cuts for $3.60. I bought a bunch of black/white/red fabric there - I have always thought it would be fun to make a wall hanging from these colours. There were lots of different fabrics there that I would loved to have purchased, but by this point I was thinking I had probably hit my limit. Good thing I have a job!! That was it for my fabric shopping.

What do you think Patti?

Oh - and I bought an iron - a Rowenta at Costco. We stopped at Costco in Bellingham on our way home to get dog food and some IPA for Andrew. We also managed to find a baby stroller for the new grandbaby -- what an event that turned out to be in the end. Now I am going back to work tomorrow - I haven't been at work since December 23 - so it will be interesting to go back, after such a long time off -- the thing about work - after an hour of being there it is like you were never away!!


  1. Wow, what fun adventures you've had.

  2. Wow, some great fabrics, especially at that last place. Is the Ryan pattern going to be a soon-project?

  3. Gosh you did have a fun time shopping . The fish patterns look like a fun wallhanging to make. I hope your first day of work is good.

  4. You had a great time and made lots of shopping. Very useful the triangular ruler, it is on my wish list.

  5. You had a great time and made lots of shopping. Very useful the triangular ruler, it is on my wish list.

  6. You did some great shopping! Thanks for all the tips and links. My husband has a conference in Portland in March/April and maybe I will join him. Is Portland a walkable city or do you need a car to visit the stores you went to?

  7. The McKenna Ryan patterns are great! You found some wonderful treasures on your shopping adventure! I didn't know they had Rowenta irons at Costco, I need to see if they carry them at ours here. Hope the transition back to work isn't too difficult.

  8. Wow, nice goodies! Have fun coming up with ideas for that sweet fabric! Keep well!

  9. Isn't that the truth about work! Holidays melt away before morning tea. You've picked up some great fabric Pam, I'm sure Anri will like the ones you bought. They are modern and fresh.

  10. Good to hear that you are home safe and that you had a good time.

  11. I love all that you buyed......
    the McKenna patterns are very very nice and the Anri's fabrics too.

    well come back at work.
    ciao ciao

  12. OK - my turn to die of embarassment. I've not been blog reading much at all since I've been on such a roll with the crumb chaos quilts. So I come to your blog in my bloglines and see I'd marked this post as "keep new" so I could reply to your question. By now I'm sure you don't even remember what you asked!

    OK - I think you made marvelous fabric choices while you were down here on your trip. Now I'm looking forward to reading your last 2-3 weeks of posts to see if you've done anything with it!