Saturday, January 19, 2008

We are back home

We came back home late last night. It was a great trip. We stayed at the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Portland. It is a great old hotel that has been restored beautifully.

This was our "home away from home" for the past week. The bag sitting on the chair there is my bag of Dear Jane supplies that I brought along. I put it on that chair the day we arrived and it never moved the full 5 days -- I didn't even open it!! So no Dear Janing was done in Portland. But I did buy some great civil war prints when I went shopping with Patti. We had a great day together. You can read all about our visit in Patti's post on her blog. I will post the pictures of my purchases as well.

On Monday I walked about downtown Portland and spent most of the morning in Powell's Books. I bought a few books there - a couple of books for the baby and a couple of quilting books. Then I went off to Josephines Dry Goods and found some more Sock Monkey flannel -- that I really thought I needed. I just love the fabric that looks like the sock. I have no idea what I will do with it but I'm sure I will think of something. Hopefully the new baby doesn't end up being afraid of monkies!!

We had a great meal Monday night at McCormick and Schmick's Really good seafood, if you are ever in Portland it is one of the best places to have seafood.

I didn't take many pictures of Portland this year, I am not sure why. The weather was good, very little rain. Tuesday I spent with Patti. It was so nice to meet her - we had a really fun day - she took me to three great quilt shops. There are so many quilt shops in Oregon, boy it would be hard to live there and not shop all the time. I think after this week - and the trip to Oregon in October it really is time for me to stop the shopping and start the sewing.
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  1. Glad you are home safe and sound. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

  2. I'm glad it was such a successful trip for you! And you are certainly right - there are WAY too many quilt shops in both Oregon and Washington. Now you know why so many of us have stashes that are out of control!

    Thanks again for spending time with me on Tuesday.

  3. A fun trip indeed! Even if you never opened your Dear Jane bag, I know you felt good knowing it was there. We're funny that way, aren't we?

  4. Hi Pam,
    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip tp Portland. I would have loved to go to Powell's Books as well as the quilt shops you visited. It would be especially fun to go with someone who knew the lay of the land. What a fun way to meet a new friend. It is a very nice picture of you and Patti on Patti's blog.
    I love the pinks and I am sure you are going to have a great monkey quilt for Jessica's baby.
    You will have lots of projects to keep you busy.

  5. Sounds or should that be reads like a fun trip! Well, you know, you can never have too much fabric! ;o) Love the sock monkey!