Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thanks for all the great advice and suggestions

Boy, I got a good response to my dilemma and I really appreciate all the suggestions. That is so nice to get so many ideas. Lots of the ideas I hadn't really considered at first.

So I have been working on the quilt today. I decided to go with the red pogo stick jumping monkeys, that certainly was the most popular border. I had ordered 1/2 yard - which is not quite 20 inches. I think part of the problem is we Canadians forget that we buy fabric in the local shops in metres and the metre is about 3 inches longer than a yard. So that is not such a big deal width wise - I cut the borders 4 1/2 inches wide instead of 5 or 6 inches. But the big problem was the fabric was only 41 inches wide and the quilt is 43 inches long. So I would need to piece my long borders just to add 2 inches to the length - And I thought that would look silly -- So with Tazzie's suggestion I am going to throw a couple of blocks in the border - like they are meant to be there.

Then another suggestion - a brown and yellow four patch in the corners - I liked that idea. I think there were a couple of people that suggested a 4 patch or a nine patch in the corners. I decided to go with the plain sock fabric for the four patch - I did a 4 patch because then the squares are the same size as the squares in the body of the quilt.

Another suggestion was a small or narrow yellow inner border or "peep" I am going to use the yellow polka dot fabric for the inner "peep" I like that word Donna (Chookyblue) In the picture the yellow polka dot looks a bit busy but in really life I like the way it looks - and it will be a very narrow piece - just a touch of yellow there. I am working with left over bits of fat quarters for the narrow border so I will be piecing the polka dot border with the bits I have left - I didn't really have enough of the plain yellow - I didn't think the blue was right. And I think the little red dots in the yellow bring the inside of the quilt and the outside red border together a bit.

It is snowing here today - so I hope to get the entire top together today and maybe even get it layered later -if I don't spend too much time on the computer.

Jim is home from work today as he couldn't get out of the driveway this morning! So here is a picture of his busy morning.

He has done a fine job on the driveway and now it is snowing hard again! He has just gone off to walk the dog - and I will head back to the sewing room.

Thanks so much for all you suggestions - it was very helpful.


  1. I think it will look just right the way you have it planned. Such a lovely, happy quilt. Send some of that snow my way - no sign of any here yet - :-(

  2. Oh I love it with the 4-patch blocks added! Very nice!

  3. HiPam,
    I think you have found a great combination for the borders- they are interesting without overwhelming the body of the quilt.
    It looks great...

  4. What a perfect solution! The yellow and brown sock four patches are great. Not only is it creative but it seems to balance out the whole top. Love the red frame.

  5. I think it will look super with the four patches. What a great way to solve a problem!

  6. The 4 patches and the red really bring everything together.
    I stayed home and sewed as well. DH went to work later in the day.

  7. Wow, what a great job on the borders and the whole quilt in general. Talk about "team" effort! Love the colors too. Poor Jim, that looks like very wet, heavy snow!

  8. Four patch in the two colours looks great, you must pleased.

  9. I missed the suggestion post Pam, sorry but i love the way ur bordered this!!! The Four patches look great. U have to be so happy with this!!

  10. I love the fabric you chose for the border!

    My kids are home again today--no school at UCFV today--thank goodness. The thought of them driving down that highway again today would be too much for me! My husband and I both work 5 minutes from home so we went to work yesterday as usual and will be doing the same today.

  11. Love the 4 patch blocks in the border.
    We had some snow here, but mostly just really silly cold.

  12. The quilt looks great Pam. I love the four block patches and how they break up the red border, it brings everything in balance!

  13. Hi Pam, love the look of the whole quilt! Great choice on the border. A small boo-hiss for more snow!! Hugs, Finn

  14. Oh Pam! It is nice......!!!!!!!!
    I love it!


    Hugs, Andrea

  15. Obviously I'm way to late here to give you any suggestions, but you did beautifully with the ideas given you by others. This quilt turned out so very cute! I really like the way you did the borders. A much more interesting, creative solution is usually the result of necessity due to shortage of fabric - and this quilt certainly fits that rule!