Monday, January 07, 2008

My new sunglasses - and a bit of baby stuff

So for anyone who is interested I thought I would post a picture of myself in my new sunglasses. I tell you I had to take about 17 pictures just to get one picture I liked -- and one that where I didn't look like I had three chins!!

This new style is quite a bit squarer then my old ones - and it pinches my nose a bit with the rubber nose pieces - my old ones were a hard plastic. So I have been fussing with them a bit. Jim says he remembered I fussed for months with the old ones -- LOL. Who would think that sunglasses would be such a productions.

I bought this book at my LQS -- which is closing soon much to my disappointment. The book as all kinds of great baby patterns, bibs, baby blocks, name banners and little things for in the diaper bag - like change pads and soother holders etc. Great book - everything in it is so cute.

I made a little name banner the other day just to try out the pattern. It is for a 10 year old boy - so I didn't use baby fabric. I thought he might like it as a banner for his bedroom door.

It was very easy and quick to make up. I will make one for the new grandbaby. I am going to spend some time today cutting up the blocks for the Sock Monkey quilt. My car is getting serviced today so I am home alone - so I had better be a bit productive. Next Sunday we are heading off to Portland -- I am getting excited!!
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  1. The sunglasses look good on you. =) I make the people at the glasses place fiddle for 30 minutes or more until we get the glasses the way I like htem, and then I often go back for a minor adjustment still. Having broken a frame once, I don't do it myself any more. =)

    I love the Art to Heart books. They always have wonderful ideas. The Sam banner is really great. I know he will love it.

  2. Oh... nice shades! Isn't funny how we fuss about our picture? I did the same when I wanted one for the blog! Cute sign! Portland...? Have a wonderful time! Enjoy your day!

  3. You look great with your glasses!!
    I think soon we are going to see lots of sweet little things for the new baby :)

  4. The sun glasses look great...I'm the same about pictures. I didn't like my first passport photo so I went back and paid for another one...LOL.

    Oh Portland sounds like many quilt shops will you be stopping at?

  5. Your sun glasses look great Pam and I hope you will get used to them soon. Your description about your picture taking made me smile. The older I get the less pictures there are of me. I don't like most of them and with a digital camera these days it's so easy to delete them.

    Have fun in Portland!

  6. I really like your new glasses!!!!!

    Do you already know if your grandbaby is going to be a girl or a boy???

    ciao, ciao

  7. Ohhhhh..... Nice Shades.....

    If you see Patti give each other a hug from me.

  8. Pam! you look Fantastic with the glasses!
    Beautiful fabrics!
    The little little bag for Anri is really beautiful! I got the patterns for your blog;
    Hugs Pam! Andrea