Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another hour of quilting

I am finished the 12 blocks that I am going to do. Now I am working on the small squares to go around the blocks. I was at work yesterday so no quilting was done.

The colours are just blue, red and green so I am just cutting the strips to make the square out of blues, reds and greens. I am enjoying this project. Thanks to JudyL.

I was thinking as I was cutting up my fabric for this quilt that I have a talent that many quilters would envy. Because I am left handed but live in a right handed world I have had to learn how to do many things with my right hand -- but my left hand is still my dominant hand. So -- I can do many fine motor skills with both hands -- one of them being - using a rotary cutter. So I do not need to turn or reposition fabric to cut it - I just cut it with the hand that is the most convenient. I was again thinking about that the other day when I stopped into Fabricland and all the notions were on sale and they were selling these little turning tables for the cutting mats, so the right handed only people could turn the mat instead of turning the fabric. I just change hands.

I am using a bit of this fabric in the "Quilt for an Hour" quilt. I just love this fabric. This is the very first piece of quilting fabric I ever bought. I bought it back in about 1993 for the "focus" fabric for my very first quilting class --a sampler class, making THE QUILT that I just finished this year. I must have bought 4-5 meters of it because I used a bunch of it in the quilt and in the border. I have also used it for various times over the past 10 years.

I have noticed over the years that I seem to be drawn to paisley fabric. I also seem to go to the red/burgandy colours as well but lately I have been buying alot of bright colours - Jane Sassaman, Amy Butler and my last purchase included paisley by Kaffe Fasset.

This piece is the last little bit of it that I have left. I should do something special with this last little bit of it. Maybe make a couple of cushions for the bed to match the sampler quilt. This piece is folded double - so I do have a fair amount left. Hmm - I will have to think about this.

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  1. I used to tell my students that if you can spare about a half yard of fabric for practicing that anyone can teach themselves to rotary cut with their "other" hand, no matter which hand it is. I've gotten out of practice because I don't have to turn the fabric either, I just walk around to the other side of my cutting table. Gives me a little bit of exercise - at least I keep telling myself that.