Monday, August 21, 2006

Quilt for an Hour a Day

I decided I wanted to do a scrappy quilt - so I started digging through my bags of strips and scraps. I decided on the Oklahoma Backroads pattern on Bonnie's website -- and I needed 2 1/2 inch strips. I found a bag of 2 inch strips - I thought I had some 2 1/2 inch strips somewhere but I guess not. These strips were from a log cabin strip exchange and the colours are red, blue and green. So instead of the Oklahoma Backroads pattern I decided that I would do the "Quilt for an hour" project, which called for 2 inch strips.

So I pulled a bunch of blues, reds and greens out of my stash and started on Saturday. I am just going to do 12 blocks - I think that I can machine quilt that on my little sewing machine and I was thinking of giving the quilt to a friend who has been diagnosis with breast cancer last fall. She is not doing all that well and she is a really avid gardener and the fabrics have leaves and dragonflies and are kind of "earthy" . So I got this far in 2 hours or so. I am a fairly slow when I sew.

Everytime I start a new project Jim will say -- "oh, what are you doing?" Well -- I say " I have decided to make this quilt" "oh, how's the Mariner's Compass quilt coming along? and the blue and yellow one -- and the Dresdan plate one - I really like that one -" and on and on and lists all my quilts that are not finished --- can you believe that! He knows them all and keeps track as to how much I work on them. I think what I need to do is finish the Mariners compass quilt because he really likes that one and that might keep him quiet for awhile. Do all husbands do that? I think I need to ban him from my sewing room altogether. Posted by Picasa


  1. My husband can be funny that way. Most of the time I don't think he knows what I am working on, but then he'll say something that makes me realize he really does. It's nice that your husband notices. Yes, you may have to use that as motivation to finish the MC.

  2. Yes husbands are funny that way. Mine couldn't list what I have started but every once in a while, when I start something new, he'll ask, "Are you ever going to FINISH something?" Silly man. Of course not! LOL!

  3. Oops, I forgot to say how much I loke your fabrics for this project. It will make a nice earthy quilt to comfort you friend.

  4. If you asked my husband to name even one of the quilts I'm working on I don't think he'd be able to. He's very happy to have me quilt - will say "that's nice" if I ask his opinion - but otherwise he just doesn't think about quilts at all. I don't think he'd care if there wasn't a single quilt in the house. Poor man! Good thing he has me!