Thursday, August 31, 2006

Making Pesto today

I should have a food blog instead of a quilting blog! Although I do consider this more of a general duty blog.....

I made pesto today. The basil bush was looking like it needed a good cutting and it is almost the end of the season. There is nothing quite as good as fresh pesto. I will freeze these little containers and we will be able to enjoy some homemade pesto in the winter when there is no basil to be found.

Here is the "after" picture of the basil bush. I should have taken a "before" picture but I didn't think about it at the time. I took just a ton of basil off the bush. We have another pot with basil as well, so there are three different varieties of basil in the pesto.

Since I was standing out on the deck with the camera in hand I took a picture of the lovely blue sky and beautiful sunny day we are having here on the west coast. This is the view from my deck. You can just see Vancouver Island in the very distance.

We have had very little rain this month - which is nice for us but not so nice for the lack of water in some areas. The west coast of Vancouver Island is having a water shortage. A small town (Tofino) that is quite a popular tourist spot is asking all the hotels and restaurants to close up by tomorrow -- Friday. We have been going to Tofino every year for March Break since about 1996. It is a wonderful and beautiful place to go visit. It is very similar to the Oregon coast from what I have been told, although I have never been to the Oregon coast (a place I want to go). Tofino has been always on the brink of water problems ever since we started going there. Hopefully they can get this sorted out, there are alot of people who live there that depend on the tourist industy for income.

I have been busy putting the sleeves on my two quilts for my guilds quilt show in September. I haven't done any more on the JudyL quilt. I will as soon as I get the sleeves finished. The quilt show is in three weeks.

Boy this summer has gone by quickly. It is have to believe another year has almost gone by. Next year (2007) will make it only three years until the Winter Olympics. Our little village is right on the road to Whistler. We are actually thinking of opening up a little B&B for the two weeks the games are on -- I don't think either of us will work during that time. I can't imagine trying to drive around downtown to get to work with the kind of traffic issues that will be expected. And the traffic in Vancouver is difficult now. Well back to sewing on my sleeves. Almost finished! Posted by Picasa


  1. I love the picture from your deck! I live farther up the valley--quite a ways from the water. What guild do you belong to?

  2. Oh Pam, you aren't all that far from the Oregon coast - you should go one of those days. It's beautiful. Very different from the Washington or the Canadian coast. What a beautiful view you have out over the straights!

  3. Your pesto looks great! I like it, but my husband does not, so I usually don't grow basil. I am going to the Oregon Coast in a week. I love it and can't wait!!