Saturday, August 26, 2006

Four blocks finished

Posted by Picasa Here is a picture of the four blocks that have the borders on them. I quite like the colours.

I was thinking about what Patti was asking "why we quilt" when we were busy cleaning the house today. It is an interesting thing to stand back from something and think about it in a way you never thought about it before.

I have never been an artist person, I couldn't draw a picture to save my life. Musically, I am completely useless as well -- tone deaf, but I love a good melody. I have never considered myself creative or artistic. I was always interest in being a writer but I struggle with writing. Never understood poetry -- I always wished I could. I have been sewing since I was young - making Barbie clothes when I was 8 - but I had never been around quilts or quilters. My Hungarian roots did not included quilting of any kind.

When I discovered quilting I discovered I had a creative side. Like an artist who sets up a canvas on an easel and paints beautiful pictures. For me the fabric was the canvas -- and I was the easel. The easel is supporting the canvas, making it possible for the canvas to become a work of art - an important job. And beautiful fabrics just keep drawing me into them. Sometimes just looking at the fabric make me feel creative.

I had also just moved to Vancouver and just started a new job so I had not met many people, so when I started quilting I started to meet quilters. I found that quilters are the nicest people. They are so giving of themselves to each other, their families and perfect strangers. They will make a quilt just to give it away to a stranger that they know will find comfort and love wrapped up in that quilt just when they need it the most. They will offer you a small bit of their fabric because it will fit perfectly with your border fabric. Quilters are kind and generous and think of others.

Every time I will talk about someone and say " So and So, is really nice, I really like her" my husband would say -- "Oh, she must be a quilter". There really is something special about the people who quilt. I think that is why I quilt.


  1. Hi, great progress on the Hour a Day quilt. I really like your colours, different again from anyone else's I've seen.

  2. Thank you for sharing Pam! It's been so much fun reading everyone's thoughts.