Friday, August 04, 2006

Scrap or Stash Quilts

I have decided to join in on the Sunshine Quilts blog for the Scrap/Stash quilt project. I have never really made a scrap quilt, I alway seem to spend hours trying to match fabrics and then always need to go off shopping because I don't have just the right colour of green.

This is a workshop I took a few years ago where the fabrics were all cut into different widths of strips -- from about 1" to 2 1/2" and then the strips were used to make all the little blocks. This was definately scrappy and fun to do. In the end I just put a plain border around it although it was supposed to have more scrappy blocks in the border as well. I thought enough was enough - I would never get it finished if I had to make more scrappy blocks.

I have made a few quilts out of fabric collections -- like yellow/blue and animal prints, 30's fabrics and now the Dear Jane - but they are not really scrappy or stash quilts because I spent alot of time shopping for the fabrics. Although they do have lots of different fabric in them. I have quite an assortment of small pieces left over from these various quilts and those are the pieces that I will use for this scrap quilt. I haven't gone through and picked out the fabrics like JudyL is doing - I will just start grabbing fabric from my piles I think. I really would like it to be truly scrappy - full of bits of all the different quilts I have done.

I again tried to do a little computer code writing for the pictures in the side bar. I am getting closer - I think I may actually figure it out at some point. Boy - it is alot of work and in the end I got a "something" in the side bar -- wrong spot and it wasn't a picture but it was a link to the picture but it didn't work. At this point I just want to conquer this thing more than put pictures in the side bar!!!

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