Sunday, August 20, 2006

Canning Salmon

Most of this week and weekend was spent canning salmon. Every year we can about 10 dozen jars of salmon. This year Jim decided to try smoking a few salmon and then canning them so we would have some canned smoked salmon. Altogether 15 dozen jars got canned. So needless to say the house was a big mess all weekend with jars and mess everywhere. The house smells pretty fishy as well.

This is Jim cutting up the sockeye and putting it in the jars.

We have a very small kitchen (not like our other house) and usually he filets the salmon outside. The wasps just go crazy for the salmon and are a pain in the neck to try to keep out of the house. Most of the work was done while I was at work this week. Seems like I worked alot this week. The first day he started canning the salmon he finished up the first batch of jars and put them in the pressure cooker and then decided to cut up a little sockeye for us to have for supper -- he then cut himself so badly he had to go in and get a couple of stitches in his thumb.

Loading the pressure cooker canner.

The pressure cooker is set up outside on a propane burner -- much less smell in the house with the canning going on outside!!
There is Jim's cutting boarding drying off and on the steps are his wet gear -- I'm not sure why the wet gear was out?? Sometime I wonder what really happens when I am not at home. Posted by Picasa

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  1. I also use an outside propane tank and burner for my hot water bath canning. Much much better than when I used to do it inside! Are those half pints? Why such small jars?