Monday, October 02, 2006

Work at weekend retreat

For some reason this retreat day I did not take any pictures. This is a picture of what I accomplished at the retreat - but I took the pictures at home this morning.

Christmas stocking for Jessica, I made one for Jim and Eric last Christmas - styled after a Christmas stocking I had made for Andrew about 5 years ago or so. I am going to make a few more this year I think. Easy to make and they look so nice and "Christmasy".

Almost finished the September "Quilt for an Hour" two more borders to put on only. I really like this quilt, which is interesting because when I first saw it I wasn't interested in doing it - and then I thought I would just to use up some scraps and now I just love the colours in it. I think I will back it in Flannel.

These are the stockings that I made last year. The first stocking I made was the one with just the fabric cut in strips on the diagonal. Then I decided to cut the strips into squares and make the two inch squares on the diagonal. The top and the toe and heel are velvet.

So I have decided to make a few more and now I need to go off to buy a bit more fabric and piping -- I bought a bunch of piping last year after Christmas but I discovered it is all a bit too big. So in true quilter fashion I now have about 72 yards of gold, red, green, etc piping that I really only needed a few yards of to begin with and now I don't need at all. But I will probably keep it forever!!


  1. Very cute stockings! I like them! Ha Ha about the piping. :0

  2. Oh Pam, I LOVE your Christmas stockings!! And your hour-a-day quilt is beautiful!

  3. THe hr a day quilt looks great :) I love the stockings I am wanting to try that (adding to my neverending list lol) xoxo melzie