Saturday, January 13, 2007

Directions for small make up bag

You need two fat quarters of coordinating fabric, ribbon and batting. The bag will finish up at approx 5 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches. The width of the bag will by the 11 inch side of the fabric and the length of the bag is the 12" side. I cut the fat quarters on the 22 inch side of the fat quarters -- if the fat quarter is less than 22 inches then my bag is a little narrower than 10 1/2 - it might finish up at 10 inches or 9 1/2" but it is still a nice sized bag.

1. One piece of fabric for the lining (the purple fabric) is cut 11" by 12".
2. Two pieces of fabric for the outside of the bag cut by 11" x 12"
3. One piece of fabric from the left over fat quarter for the inside pocket - usually cut about 8" x 10".
4. One piece of batting cut 11" by 12"
5. Once piece of batting cut 11" by 6"


  1. I like the two fabrics you chose, though I'm guessing you used two that you had around. The start looks clear, thanks! Now to read the directions!

  2. Great tutorial. I'm gonna have to try these.

  3. When I saw how many posts there were I thought "she's gone mad! Quilting like crazy!". Now I see why LOL. Great tutuorial Pam

  4. Thanks, Pam, for posting this tutorial. I've printed it out and hope to try this project before the month is out!

  5. What a great tutorial Pam! Thanks so much for all the effort and time that must have taken.