Wednesday, January 17, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Here is a little wall hanging that I am almost finished. It just needs to be hand quilted. It is all layered and ready to go. Maybe I should just machine quilt it and get it done. It was made from one of my fat quarter packages and a pattern from Better Homes and Gardens.

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I have no energy and a cold that came on quite suddenly Saturday afternoon - so I have done very little and am feeling fairly guilty, but then I feel too tired to feel too guilty. We did cook up the Peposo recipe from Cheryl at Quilting Hollow on Sunday though - and it was wonderful and peppery and well worth making.

Jim was hoping to have his shoulder surgery today but it was not to be, so it will be January 30th instead and for sure. He has a week of meetings in Portland starting February 12th - so I was hoping he could have the surgery earlier rather than the 30th. I think he will have a difficult time of it in Portland with his right arm in a sling and not able to use it at all. All the things that he will have trouble doing - like cutting up his food, tying his shoes etc.

Well back to the couch for another nap.


  1. Sorry Jim can't have his surgery earlier - you're right, he'll have a tough time in Portland .... can you tag along with a break?

    Hope you're back to 100% real soon. I'm at last feeling human again - just one more day of antibiotics!


  2. Very cute wallhanging. It will be perfect for Spring.

  3. That's a great basket wallhanging. Sorry you are feeling so punky - hope it clears up fast. I guess your DH can wear slipons, and maybe he can find food that doesn't need cutting, but really, it would be safest if you took the trip with him. =)

  4. That is a pretty hanging. It will look really good handquilted.
    So sorry you have to deal with a cold. Hope you get better soon.