Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Sun, some Whales and some Cranes

I find it is always hard to decide what to title a post. The weather is starting to get much better here these past few day. The sun has actually come out even. This is a early evening photo of the sun shining through the clouds and reflecting off the water. I love when the weather gets nicer and we can get some really lovely sunsets -- and most of all I love that the days are getting longer and the sun is not setting at 4 PM!

I went to my quilt guild meeting on Thursday night and we had our quilt for Jonah all layered and machine quilted. This is a picture of the show and tell ladies holding it up for the guild to see. I think it turned out really well. We spent some time on it yesterday - hand stitching some spouts for the whales.

During show and tell one of our members got up and showed her latest quilt. She just makes wonderful quilts -- stunning actually. Apparently she had a couple of weeks before Christmas and decided to make this from a picture her husband had taken of some cranes in Australia. It is such a beautiful quilt. I don't think I could make that in a couple of years! But she always does such creative and beautiful work. I just love seeing what she brings to show and tell. Inspirational.

I just happened to bring my camera to the meeting to take a picture of the Jonah quilt - so I took a couple of pictures of this one as well.


  1. Waaa... whine, whine. I really wanted to see your photos. I'll come back maybe there is something wrong with blogger.

  2. Blogger must be back because I could see the pictures. What a beautiful view! Your Jonah quilt is darling!

  3. At first, I was looking for whales in the top picture. =) That's very pretty scenery. Jonah's quilt looks fabulous. I love the cranes, too, but it would definitely be more than two weeks for me. I guess that's why I'm not an "artist." =)

  4. All three of these pictures are gorgeous. The sun is so picturesque - looks like a postcard. Jonah quilt is beautiful, and the crane quilt is way beyond my skill level. Thanks for sharing them.