Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One more bag

I think posting pictures with the Picasa2 is getting worked out a bit better. I now have a technique to it that seems to work pretty good.

I made another bag over the Christmas holiday. It was a bit of an experiment, because I am looking for a pattern for a bag that will compliment the Dutch Chintz fabric I bought online.

This pattern is called Scrappy Sack and is designed to be made up with fat quarters. I used some decorator chintz scraps that I had - and I had enough that I used the same fabric for the outer layer and a different fabric for the lining. It is not a bad little bag with two outside pockets and two inside pockets. Easy enough to make.

The finished results. I would have liked the handle to be longer. I am going to sew a button on the outside of the flap - as decoration only as there is Velcro there to hold it closed.

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I spent today making another little make-up bag. I took some pictures and I plan to post a tutuorial for the bags. I seem to have lost my page of directions for the bag but I have made so many that I haven't been using the instructions. I thought I could post a tutorial on the blog so that if I stopped making them and a couple of years down the road I wanted to start up again, I could check my blog for a little refresher. I wonder if my blog will still be here 5 or 10 years from now? Interesting thought.

Jim just called from downtown (which is where he works) high winds have blown down more trees in Stanley Park today so the Lions Gate Bridge and the Causeway has been closed. So he is pretty much stuck downtown for awhile. There are only two bridges to get from Vancouver to the North Shore - so if one of them is out - traffic is a nightmare. Better off staying downtown and have supper at a pub than sitting in traffic for 3 hours.

It is supposed to snow tonight as well. I am so incredibly tired of this weather here. It was very windy here today, we lost power for only a minute this afternoon. So at least I was able to spend the day sewing and enjoyed a great cup of coffee as the wind was wildly blowing outside.

That Stanley Park link I posted has some pretty good pictures of the park, and Vancouver. Worth a look I think.


  1. I love the bag.

    We had threats of power loss out here today but never really lost it--lots of brown outs. I headed into Chilliwack tonight for dinner with some girlfriends. Normally the restaurant is quiet on a Tuesday night. Not tonight--many areas of Chilliwack and Rosedale lost power today and everyone headed out to eat! We waited in line for a seat. On the way home it started to snow. I hope we don't get too much of an accumulation tonight! Here's to hoping your power stays on this time!

  2. I'd love to see a bag tutorial. I am addicted to making bags. I'm going to have to rent a table at the next craft show to get rid of some of them! Your weather out there has been incredible this year. There will soon be nothing left of Stanley Park. What a shame. Hopefully, the rest of the winter will be a little easier.

  3. your bag is great -- it looks a bit like one I made recently called "the X-bag". I'll post a photo tonight, maybe.

    your cold wind from yesterday is now coming down through California. the temperature dropped about 20 degrees between getting to work and going out for lunch -- and they're talking about snow down to the bay (San Francisco) in a day or so!

  4. Your scrappy sack looked very familiar and then I realized that I had bought the same pattern a few years back at a quilt show. It got tucked away for a "someday" project. Now, seeing your version, I might dig it out and give it a try.

  5. Your purse looks roomy! I love that black fabric.

    As for the missle base, several suggestions have come forward: quilt retreat, hunting lodge - and my son wants to turn it into a giant library with a lovely garden in the middle. =)

  6. That fabric is lucious...... Just my style. You will really get to enjoy it since you are making a bag from it.

  7. What a nice bag, Pam ! And such a good idea to make a tutorial about them !

    Smiles !